Dartmouth College Acceptance Rate 2023

Dartmouth College is a highly regarded Ivy League institution located in Hanover, New Hampshire. Established in 1769, it is the ninth-oldest college in the United States and is known for its rich history and commitment to academic excellence.

Dartmouth College Acceptance Rate

According to admissions data, Dartmouth College, an Ivy League school, falls in the center of the pack among these elite universities. Since 2008, Dartmouth’s admission rates have been steadily declining, and it is anticipated that this trend will continue in the years to come.

Dartmouth College has once again experienced a remarkable year of applications, with an unprecedented number of individuals vying for admission. This prestigious Ivy League institution received a staggering 28,841 applications, ultimately extending acceptance offers to a mere 1,173 students. Consequently, Dartmouth’s admission rate hit a record low of just 6%. These newly accepted students will soon join the ranks of the college’s community, alongside the 578 early decision applicants and 47 individuals who successfully matched with Dartmouth through the esteemed QuestBridge program.

Dartmouth College Acceptance Rate  2023

Dartmouth College shared on March 30th, 2023, that they extended regular admission offers to 1,173 applicants for the incoming Class of 2027. This brings the total number of admitted students, including those from early action, to 1,798, resulting in an acceptance rate of 6%. The college received a total of 28,841 applications for this class, and the admitted students represent a talented and diverse group from all over the world. The table below shows the summary of Dartmouth’s Acceptance rate.

Class of 2027Number of ApplicantsNumber of Admitted StudentsAcceptance Rate
Early Decision3,00957819%
Regular Decision25,8321,1734.5%
Total acceptance Rate28,8411,7986%

Dartmouth College Early Decision Acceptance Rate For Class Of 2027

In December 2022, Dartmouth College released the Early Admission results for the Class of 2027. Out of the 3,009 applicants in the early round, the college accepted only 578 students, which represents a 19% acceptance rate. Furthermore, the QuestBridge program facilitated the match of 47 students with Dartmouth. It is worth noting that early-round admissions rates tend to be higher compared to regular admissions. If you are interested in improving your chances of being admitted to Dartmouth, we suggest considering applying early. Let’s take a look at the previous years’ early Decision Acceptance rate.

Class  of 2026: 20.4%

Class of 2025: 21.3%

Dartmouth Regular Decision Acceptance Rate For the Class Of 2027

Dartmouth College received a record-breaking number of regular decision applications for the Class of 2027, with a total of 25,832 applicants. Out of these, 1,173 students were accepted, resulting in a regular decision acceptance rate of 4.5%.

This marks the third consecutive admissions cycle where Dartmouth has received over 28,000 applications for its incoming class. In fact, the 28,841 applications received this year represent the largest pool in Dartmouth’s 253-year history, showing a 2% increase from the previous year. Furthermore, the College’s acceptance rate has remained at 6% for the third year in a row.

Student Profile for Dartmouth’s Class of 2027

The Class of 2027 at Dartmouth College is the first group of students to apply since the announcement of various financial aid enhancements through the Call to Lead campaign. The college is expecting to provide $149 million in financial aid for undergraduates in the coming year, which is an increase from the current year’s $135 million.

Among the accepted students, there is representation from all 50 U.S. Additionally, a record-high number of 75 other countries are also represented in the class. It is worth noting that 56% of the admitted students come from public or charter high schools. In terms of academic achievement, 444 students who attend schools with class rankings are currently ranked first or second in their class.

Lee Coffin, the vice provost for enrollment and dean of admissions and financial aid, shared that the admitted cohort continues the trend of diversity seen in previous classes. The students come from various socioeconomic backgrounds, hold different perspectives, and represent diverse ethnicities and geographical locations.

How do I Increase my chances of getting into Dartmouth?

To increase your chances of getting into Dartmouth, focus on achieving academic excellence with a strong GPA and standardized test scores. Engage in extracurricular activities that demonstrate your passion and leadership skills. Show genuine interest in Dartmouth by attending events, reaching out to admissions officers, and visiting the campus if possible.

Write a compelling personal essay that reflects your unique qualities and aspirations. Secure excellent letters of recommendation from people who are familiar with you. Highlight how your background and experiences contribute to diversity and inclusion. Consider applying through Early Decision if it aligns with your preferences. Seek guidance from college counselors or mentors throughout the application process. Be proactive, organized, and authentic in presenting yourself as a well-rounded individual capable of contributing to the Dartmouth community.

Dartmouth College SAT And ACT Requirement 2024

Dartmouth College has made the decision to be test-optional for applicants during the 2023-2024 application cycle. This means that students have the choice of whether or not to submit their test scores, and Dartmouth will respect and consider their submission decision without any negative impact on the application. This policy aligns with Dartmouth’s previous announcement in 2020, where they paused their testing requirements and emphasized that the decision is ultimately up to the individual student. However, you are encouraged to maintain an average test score of 1440 – 1560 and an average ACT score of 33-35.

What is Dartmouth College GPA Requirements

Dartmouth College does not enforce a specific minimum GPA requirement for undergraduate admissions. Nonetheless, successful applicants tend to possess exceptionally high GPAs, typically falling within the range of 3.8 to 4.0, and with an average GPA of 3.9.

Does Dartmouth require IELTS

Yes most certainly, Dartmouth accepts the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), International English Language Testing System (IELTS), or Duolingo (DET). They will accept self-reported scores at the time of application. You will have to submit official test results if you are accepted.

Dartmouth College does not set specific minimum scores for English proficiency exams. Nevertheless, the majority of accepted applicants usually achieve scores exceeding 100 on the TOEFL exam, above a 7 on IELTS, above 130 on Duolingo, or above 185 on Cambridge English.

Type of Students Accepted Into Dartmouth College

The ideal candidate accepted into Dartmouth College would rank in the top 1-2% of their high school class and take the most demanding course load, including AP courses. Their SAT/ACT and SAT II scores would be in the 99th percentile. In addition, their letters of recommendation would highlight that they are the strongest applicant from their high school in recent years.

How to Apply To Dartmouth College

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  • Visit Dartmouth College for more information.

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