Cult comedy Joe Pera Talks With You has been canceled

Cult comedy Joe Pera Talks With You has been canceled. Although having a 100% rating on series and movies rating platform rotten tomatoes, the cult comedy series has been canceled.

Cult comedy Joe Pera Talks With You has been canceled

Both critics and audiences loved it, but currently, it is just three seasons and it is now done. What really must have gone wrong? Continue reading to find out.

Cult comedy Joe Pera Talks With You has been canceled

Adult Swim produced the show. Adult Swim is the adult-oriented department of Cartoon Network with series and shows such as Rick and Morty and American Dad. The show first aired in 2018 and it consisted of 11-minute episodes that show Pera, a comedian that plays a fictionalized character of himself.

Pera lives in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and takes care of a local middle school choir. And in each of the episodes, he dialogues directly with the viewer in regards to the everyday subject matter with various topics ranging from dancing to beans to even piano lessons. And along the way, viewers were introduced to both his neighbors and friends.

The show was on air for three seasons with a total of 32 episodes and this is including a holiday special.

Pera Revealed the Cancelation of the Show While On Tour

Pera currently is touring with his stand-up show and there he revealed the news through his very own weekly newsletter. In the letter, he wrote ‘I am writing to share the unfortunate news that ‘Joe Pera Talks With You’ is over for now. We were driving home from Bethlehem, PA the morning after my final Spring Tour show when I got a call that it wouldn’t be renewed for another season. The more I learn how TV works, the more I realize that it’s kind of a miracle that our quiet, 11-minute show about rocks, beans, grocery stores, and breakfast crews got on the air and lasted as long as it did.’

He added ‘And it was rare how much creative freedom we were given by the network. It felt like we cracked something – a different kind of tone that has now popped up a bit elsewhere. Kinda neat but also frustrating that we won’t be able to continue exploring it (at least with this show). Hey, if I never make anything else, this was the show I always wanted to see and I’m glad it now exists. But hopefully, that’s not the case.”

The Show Was a Critical Hit but Was Still Canceled

The show, Joe Pera Talks With You was a critical hit. The show had a 100% critical rating on rotten tomatoes and it garnered a 100% audience rating for each of its own three seasons surprisingly. One critic even referred to Pera as ‘…a fragile yet towering philosopher of the everyday’ and that seems somewhat to be the feeling with the fans of the show.

Truth is, everyone who saw the show liked and loved it, but it seems that is not enough to earn the show a fourth season.


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