How to Make Payment with a Costco Credit Card

Are you deciding on becoming a Costco member or do you want to purchase items from its store? If yes, you need to know that Costco only accepts Visa-branded credit cards at checkout.

Costco Credit Card Payment
Costco Credit Card Payment

Details on how to make Costco credit card payments will be given below, but first, let us get acquainted with the Costco brand.

Costco Credit Card Payment

Costco is known among wholesale club shoppers as it has millions of members. Its members can earn cashback rewards on any purchase they make, including gas, and EV charging, restaurant, travel purchases, Costco Wholesale purchases and so on, if they have a Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi.

Costco cardholders can use their card anywhere Visa is accepted, not just only Costco stores, and there is no annual fee attached to it. The card is also eligible for Citi Price Rewind, which looks for the lowest price on things you buy with your Citi card.

About Costco Credit Card Payment

Costco is one of the biggest warehouse chains. It is known and loved for its grocery offerings, and it also offers savings on gas, clothing, electronics and much more. It also has one of the most generous return policies.

Costco does not accept all credit cards, so you need to be informed about the cards it accepts and just like it was stated above, it accepts visa-backed cards. The brand once had a relationship with American Express which has now ended, hence the reason why it now accepts Visa credit cards alongside cash, check and debit. However, members who had the old TrueEarnings card from America Express and Costco were sent to Costco Anywhere Visa Credit Card by Citi.

How to Make Payment with a Costco Credit Card

To make payment, you will have to use the “Costco Anywhere Visa Credit Card by Citi”. So, now let us see the process of making payment.

Online Payment

Follow the steps below:

  • Visit the Citi credit card website and create an account.
  • To set up your Costco credit card login, click “register now”.
  • Next, you enter your card number, then follow the guidelines on the screen to complete your account set-up.
  • After your account has been created, log in and tap “make a payment” on your account details page.
  • Choose the amount you intend to pay and the date you wish the payment to be made.
  • Then, tap “Add a new payment account”.
  • Set up a payment account by filling in your checking account number and your bank routing number.
  • Then, tap submit.

It may take a day or two days for the money to be withdrawn from your bank account.

Costco Credit Card Phone Payment

You can make payment with your Costco credit card through your phone by calling the customer service representative. Before you put a call across to the representative, you will need to have in hand your credit card number, because the customer representative may need it. You will also need to get your checking account number and your bank routing number to schedule the Costco card payment.

Costco Credit Card Mail Payment

You can also make Costco credit card payments through the mail, but you will need your monthly statement to do that. Once you get your monthly statement, check under it, you will find a payment coupon that you can use to send your payment via mail. This coupon also includes the mail payment address. You should also write your Costco credit card number on your check, to ensure that your payment is credited correctly.

Costco Credit Card Payment Information

All Costco credit card users usually have 25 days from their statement to pay their bill. So, you can pay your new balance in full to escape interest charges because any payment made after the 25-day grace period is over will be charged a late fee.

Also, note that online and phone payments will reflect in your account immediately, but payments sent through mail could take about 10 days to arrive. Therefore, you should make a payment online or through a phone if your payment due date is almost close.

Types Of Credit Cards Accepted at Costco for Payment

Costco does not just accept only its credit card for payment. You can use other cards at its store also. The types of cards and payment methods you can use when shopping at Costco are listed below.

  • All cards that are branded with a Visa logo
  • The Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi
  • The Costco Anywhere Visa Business Card by Citi
  • EBT cards
  • Cash
  • Traveller’s checks
  • Personal and business checks from current Costco members and Costco business members
  • Costco shop cards/Costco gift card
  • Mobile payments like Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay

These are the cards you can use to make payments at the Costco warehouse.


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