How to Make Payment with a Barclays Credit Card

Are you thinking of starting a business, or do you just need an easy way for your customers to make payments? If yes, you need the right payment option, and this is where Barclay’s credit card comes in.

Barclays Credit Card Payment
Barclays Credit Card Payment

Barclays card enables your customers or those who use the card to make face-to-face payments, online payments and so on, and you can have the money in your account the next day. The card is secure, you can depend on the customer service and they have a transparent and competitive rate that is channeled towards your business.

Barclays Credit Card Payment

Barclays credit card enables you to accept payments from your customers over the phone and through other mediums. It also has a pocket-sized credit card reader that allows you to run a business from the comfort of wherever you are. It works well with digital wallets and is packed with tools to tackle admin and make your business enterprise easy. You just need to connect to a network of Wi-Fi and you are good to start accepting payment with a Barclays credit card. So right now, we will take a look at how your customers or anyone who uses this card can make payment.

How to Make Payment with a Barclays Credit Card

There are several mediums one can use in making payments with a Barclays credit card. These mediums will be explored below.

Barclays App Payment

To make Barclays payment through its app, follow the steps below.

  • First, you log in to your account.
  • Then, you select the Barclay account you want to pay.
  • Choose to make a payment, then enter the payment amount.
  • Next, you choose the account or debit card you want to make the payment from
  • And tap pay.

Barclays Online Payment

You have to register for Barclays online banking to make a payment. After you have registered, you have to visit the pay and transfer menu on your online banking homepage, then tap the make a payment link. Then you follow the steps below.

  • First, you have to enter your payment details. If you have made a payment before, the details will be on your payee list. But if you have never made a payment before, you will need PINsentry and the name of the company you are paying, their account number and the sort code. In this step, you will be asked to type a reference, that reference is your 16-digit credit card number.
  • Next, you will be asked to confirm your details. Ensure you check the details before confirming the payment.
  • After this, you will see a screen confirming all the details of your payment and the expected time it will take to get to the account.

Barclays Phone Payment

Registering for Barclays phone banking makes you eligible to make payments using your phone. However, you will need the Barclay sort code and account number. Listing your card number as the payment reference is also required. You will also need to contact customer service to make your payment.

Barclays Branch Payment

You can make your Barclays payment at any of its branches. You just need the sort code and account number of the business, and also your account number and reference number to make your payment.

Barclays ATM Payment

You can make payment with your Barclay credit card at any of the ATMS across. You will find a list of its ATM locations here. To make payments with the ATM, follow the steps below.

  • Insert your credit card into the ATM, then enter your PIN.
  • Choose “pay bill” from the menu. It will be displayed under the “other services” section.
  • Next, you will be given instructions to scan the QR code from your statement under the reader.
  • The ATM will display the payment details after it has read your QR code.
  • Then you can change the payment amount, but it has to be £1.
  • You will then receive a receipt that includes a payment reference number after your payment has been confirmed.

How Long Does Barclays Online Payments Take to Process

When you make a payment with your Barclays credit card online, the time it takes for the payment to get to the payee differs.

All payments made to Barclay credit cards or other credit cards will leave your account immediately, but it will take one working reflect on your credit card and bank statement. Payment made to the Barclays account will show on your statement and the other Barclays account immediately. But, sometimes, payments are delayed, to enable one to carry out proper checks and to protect your account from fraudulent activities.

Any payment one makes to the non-Barclays account will reflect in two hours. But some payments may not arrive till the end of the next working day. While payments made to an international bank will vary depending on the country. However, you will be informed about it when you make your payment.



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