Complete Guide on How to Activate Facebook Dating on Android

There is a Complete Guide on How to Activate Facebook Dating on Android. If you have an iPhone and an Android device if you download and install Facebook on the boat you will quickly know that both applications though similar are not the same.

Complete Guide on How to Activate Facebook Dating on Android

The menus on both applications are positioned differently the interface is also different. For those people who are finding it difficult to activate data on Android, here is the complete guide on how to activate Facebook dating on Android.

Facebook dating is one of the most important features of the Facebook platform. So many people have used this application to find dates, wives, and spouses for themselves. This feature was released in 2019 and as of 2022, there is no news anymore.

Complete Guide on How to Activate Facebook Dating on Android

This article is a complete guide on everything you would need to know on how to access Facebook dating if you have an Android device.

Facebook Dating Feature

Facebook is a social media platform in fact it is one of the top social media platforms that has been around for a long time and is still growing stronger as the day goes by. In 2019 the platform launched a feature called Facebook dating. As a result of the over 200 million singles that were present on the platform. Facebook dating was launched to help singles find dates for themselves and it has been doing that since day one.

There are now fewer singles on the Facebook platform since the launch of the Facebook dating feature which can be accessed on the Facebook app. When the feature launched it was not available worldwide it was only available in a select few locations. Till now the future is not still available worldwide however it is still being slowly rolled out to more regions.

This means that trying to access dating in a region where it has not yet launched cannot be possible because you won’t find it in the first place.

Facebook Dating App 2022

Over two years after the launch of Facebook dating as I have mentioned above it is not yet available worldwide. Although it is still being slowly rolled out so many people in regions that have not received it is frustrating.

The only way for these people to accept the Facebook dating platform is simply by moving from their location to a location it is already available. The Facebook dating application as I have mentioned in the header is not an application on its own. However, it is simply the Facebook application this is because it is integrated into it.

There is no separate application for Facebook dating you only have to access it through the Facebook app or the website. It is still basically the same way people have been accessing Facebook dating since it launched they are still using it to access it in 2022.

How Facebook Dating Works

The way Facebook dating works is easy first of all you have to assess the future inside of your Facebook application or on the website. And as I have mentioned above you can only do that when is available in your region.

What will have access to Facebook dating you now need to opt-in. If you do not opt into Facebook getting you cannot see those that are already using it. After opting in it is now time to create your Facebook dating profile which will in turn enable you to see other people’s profiles and get matched.

The next step now is now to get matched and you can get matched according to how you specified people you are interested in when creating your profile. When two people are matched with each other they can start chatting and dating can. There’s also a feature called secret crush where you specify who you are interested in dating and if the person also specifies interest in you then you both get a notification.

How to Activate Facebook Dating on Android

If you are using an Android device activating or locating the Facebook dating future is different from those using iOS. Although the process is the same simply follow the below procedure:

  • Launch your Facebook app.
  • Now locate your profile and tap on the heart icon or simply tap-on menu.
  • Select see more
  • Tap-on dating.
  • Finally to activate click on get started.
  • Follow the onscreen prompts to create your Facebook dating profile.

This is all.



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