Coachella Reportedly Returns To Fortnite This Year

Coachella reportedly returns to Fortnite this year. For the second year in a row, Epic is now collaborating with the iconic music festival.

Coachella Returns To Fortnite This Year

Coachella Returns To Fortnite This Year

The push of Fortnite into music continues with its only second collaboration with Coachella, and it’s a bit more involved this time in comparison to the previous year.

The music festival as you should know will be featured inside of the game in a couple of different ways. Perhaps the most notable means it can be featured is the “Coachella Island” where players can explore. This place is built using the game’s Creative mode, and it reportedly features music from Porter Robinson, some mini-games to play, and lastly, a virtual merch tent. The island in question will be available to check out beginning on April 14th at 3 PM ET.)

How the New Collab Will Work

18 different songs from Coachella artists meanwhile will be playing on Fortnite’s in-game radio station available in the battle royale mode from now until May 12th. There also will be Coachella-themed quests to complete and, since this is Fortnite here, a pair of new character skins will be available to buy in the item shop.

Fortnite Future Plans for Music and Shooting

The collaboration in question is just one part of an ever-expanding push that is attempting to turn Fortnite into a destination for music in addition to third-person shooting. And outside of the big virtual concerts, Epic also has made Bandcamp part of the game and then experimented with many more unique artist-led musical experiences. And there is also a good chance that we will see many more different music experiences in the nearest future, as the game we all love and cherish just got some much-expanded creation tools.

Other Recent Fortnite Collaborations

This news is coming the very same week as Fortnite kicked off yet another in-game collaboration and this time around it is with the anime Attack on Titan.



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