Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Program (Up to 45 Fellowships Valued at $42,000)

Here’s an amazing opportunity to build a career with the Foreign Service of the U.S. Department of State, through the Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Graduate Fellowship 2024. The Program aims to attract and train outstanding young people for careers in the Foreign Service of the U.S. Department of State, where they can aid in developing, articulating, and carrying out U.S. foreign policy.

Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Program

The Rangel Graduate Fellowship program chooses exceptional Rangel Fellows each year through a fiercely competitive national selection process and supports them for two years while they complete graduate-level coursework, internships, mentoring relationships, and professional development activities.

Women, those in need of financial assistance, and members of historically underrepresented minority groups in the Foreign Service are all encouraged to apply under this program. According to the relevant laws and State Department policy, fellows who successfully complete the program and meet the entry requirements for the Foreign Service will be appointed as Foreign Service Officers.

Eligibility for Rangel Graduate Fellowship Program

To be qualified for Rangel Graduate Fellowship program, applicants must meet the criteria below:

  • Applicants must be looking to enroll in a two-year program at a U.S. university in a field relevant to the Foreign Service in the fall of 2024. They could already have completed college or they could be in their final year of undergraduate studies, graduating in June 2024.
  • Candidates must be citizens of the United States and have a cumulative grade point average of 3.2 or above on a 4.0 scale at the time of application.
  • Award recipients must keep their cumulative GPA at least 3.2 throughout their study period.

Benefits of the Rangel Graduate Fellowship Program

  • The Rangel Program intends to give 45 fellowships worth up to $42,000 each for a two-year period in 2024 to cover tuition, living expenses, books, and other costs associated with finishing a two-year master’s degree.
  • This includes an academic year income of $18,000 as well as up to $24,000 in annual tuition and required fees.
  • The Rangel Fellow is anticipated to have graduated from a graduate program approved by the Rangel Program with a degree in international affairs or another field relevant to the work of the Foreign Service after two years of study.
  • In the middle of May, Howard University will host an orientation for new Rangel Fellows. The goals of this orientation are to acquaint the fellows with every facet of the fellowship and to improve their knowledge of and aptitude for jobs in the foreign service.
  • Two internships will be taken on by Rangel Fellows. The first will take place in the summer following selection and before the first year of graduate studies, and it will involve working on international issues for members of Congress in Washington, D.C. The second will involve a summer internship abroad at a U.S. embassy or consulate in between the first and second years of graduate school. The Program offers financial assistance of up to $10,000 each summer.
  • Each fellow will have a mentorship opportunity from a Foreign Service Officer throughout the duration of the fellowship.

How to Apply for Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Program 2024?

Application Deadline

September 28, 2023, at 11:59 PM EST

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