CCISD Parents Able To Apply For Pandemic Food Benefits – P-EBT

What is or what does it mean by “CCISD parents able to apply for pandemic food benefits”? The answer and explanation for this is quite straight forward. Many people already know about this while there is some on the other hand who knows nothing about this information. This is true and has led me to write about in for educational purposes ad for knowing sake. The spread of the coronavirus isn’t news anymore.  I mean everyone is eager to see this plague pass away. I bet you reading this article right now is optimistic that it will end one day. Well while we keep our hopes high, we shouldn’t forget the effects of the coronavirus.

CCISD Parents Able To Apply For Pandemic Food Benefits

CCISD Parents Able To Apply For Pandemic Food Benefits

The effects of the coronavirus have been greatly felt by so many regions and nations across the world. This has led to the closures and suspensions of businesses, schools, and other various social gatherings and activities. In other to control the spread of the virus, everyone in a region where he coronavirus is present has been educated on how to stay safe and refrain from being infected. Some of the exercises taught or brought about in a bid to curb the spread of this infectious disease are self-isolation, social distancing, personal hygiene and so much more. People are even advised to always go about and wearing faces masks and hand gloves. But of all the preventive features and methods to curb the spread of this disease, the most effective of them all is the self-isolation and social distancing method.

The coronavirus has also led to shut down of schools and educational institutions all over the world. This article however is all about the Calhoun county independent school district and its preparation towards the coronavirus and how they can help local residents in trying times like this. Calhoun County is a county in Texas and this article will be sharing information directly to the parents of school kids that will be affected by the pandemic to apply for food benefits.


P-EBT is an acronym for pandemic electronic benefit transfer. This program works in a very similar fashion to the snap program. This program however is an emergency program brought to life in providing assistance to families with kids who qualifies for free or reduced-price school meals in their various schools. Due to the closures of schools related to the coronavirus concerns, the state of Texas have been approved by the United States department of agriculture to provide assistance in the form of funds, over $1 billion in pandemic food benefits. These benefits will go directly to families with kids who have lost their access to free or reduced-price school meals.

If your family is eligible for this program, each eligible child in that family will be provided with a one-time payment of $285. This program works in the same way as the snap program and I have mentioned this already in this article

P-EBT Eligibility Status

This program is meant for children 5-18 years old who had previously received snap food benefits for the month of March 2020. Children who are 21 years old will also benefit from this program if they are certified for free or reduced-price meals.

CCISD P-EBT Application

To be able to participate in this program you will need to apply if you find yourself eligible. But the application process does not go for all families. Do you want to know why? If you want to then continue reading. Families can however apply via the health and human services or through an online application. The application for this program has already commenced since June 1st and it will last or close on June 30th. Visit your district website now to apply for this program. You can also check your districts social media handle to get more information on how you could apply.

Here is something you should also take note of about this program. Unlike other districts, applications will however not be made available in schools or district offices. If your family is currently on the SNAP program. They will receive their benefits via their existing SNAP card and this is done automatically. They don’t need to apply. After getting access to the application and filling for it. Your form will be processed and verified. If you are eligible you will receive a P-EBT card in the mail. To begin the application process for this program, go Here. If you already qualify for snap benefits, you do not need to apply.

When Will I Get My P-EBT Funds

If your family received snap benefits for the month of March 2020. And you also have kids ages 5-18 you will receive funds by May 22. Families on the other hand who did not get their benefits as the latter date will get P-EBT funds starting from June after your application has been processed.



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