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One of my subscribers just reached out to me about a piece of information he saw online. According to him, he said he came across a sign ‘P-EBT Cards Are In The Mall’. How true is this? Would you love to find out? If you would love to find about this, if you would, then this article is for you. But firstly before I go any further in this article, I would like to write about the P–EBT cards and P–EBT. P–EBT normally is different from the main EBT you know about, but not really all that different. And therefore for a comprehensive understanding of what P–EBT is all about, I will be doing or wiring a little preview on it.

P-EBT Cards Are In The Mall

P-EBT Cards Are In The Mall

Can you get P-EBT cards in the mall? The answer to this question is quite straight forward. Yes, the P – EBT cards are now available in malls that accept EBT cards. Remember I said that the P – EBT card is just like the EBT cards that are used in lieu of the food stamp programs and they also work in a similar fashion. These cards are therefore accepted in malls, shops, retail outlets, and places where the EBT cards are accepted.

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What Are P–EBT Cards

Since the coronavirus pandemic came into existence, world economies and day to day activities are now being put on hold. Businesses and enterprises have been shut down due to the coronavirus impact and so much more. One very notable effect of this pandemic is the effect it had on educational institutions all over the world. Just in case you never knew, here is something you should know about this pandemic. Schools all over the world, the United States included have all shut down in a bid to curb the spread of the virus. And as a result of this, educational activities have been affected negatively.

The P – EBT program has been set up by the united stated government in partnership with the appropriate bodies such as the USDA in providing food for children whose schools have shut down due to COVID 19. This program will go a long way in helping families and children get food even when school is closed. For knowledgeable benefits and reasons, P –EBT stands for pandemic EBT. Children n that have been previously eligible to get meals or foods for free or reduced prices will now be able to get extra foods and this is what this program is all about.

Who Is Eligible For P–EBT Benefits

This program is strictly made for the children. But for children to be eligible for this benefit there are things that first need to be in place. In order or a kid to be eligible for this benefit, the school of that child must be closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, and also they also must be eligible for free or reduced-price school meals.

What Stores Accept P-EBT

Most grocery and retail outlets nationwide accept P-EBT cards. As long as the store accepts EBT cards, the cards will also accept the P-EBT card. Most of these stores have the ‘we accept EBT or snap cards here’. So what you have to do to know some of the stores and outlets that accept these cards, look out for these signs. Your card can also be used to purchase items at almost every grocery store and farmers market. Also, you can make use of this card online to purchase goods at amazon and Walmart. But as you may have known by now, your P-BET card cannot b used to purchase foods at restaurants or fast foods. When using it online or in stores that accept it, you can use is exactly as a debit card.

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Apply For P-BET

Families with children, who already are receiving other similar benefits, like the EBT benefits or food stamps benefits, do not need to apply online. They will however get their cads via mail during the month of May or before June 30th. Therefore if you already part of a similar program and haven’t received your card yet. You have nothing to be worried about. However, if your child is eligible for reduced price meals, he or she must apply online on or before on the 30th of June, 2020. On the other hand, if your child has not been enrolled in the school meals program before the closure of schools, the may not be eligible for application to his program.

You can however contact your child’s school to know if they are still accepting applications for free/reduced meals at this time. If you are eligible, you will be asked to share some basic information about your child or ward. And they will also make sure your child is eligible for the program. And when your application has been approved, you will get a P-EBT card in your mail. In order to apply for this program. You will receive a letter from your school district. And the letter will include the information you will need to apply by mail or online. And lastly, you must apply on or before June 30th.

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