Canva Buys Affinity to Help Fill the Adobe-Sized Void in Its Design Platform

Canva buys Affinity to help fill the Adobe-sized void in its design platform. Figures for the said deal have not yet been shared, which as you should know is inclusive of Affinity’s Designer, Publisher, and Photo applications.

Canva Buys Affinity to Help Fill the Adobe-Sized Void

Canva Buys Affinity to Help Fill the Adobe-Sized Void

Canva, the web-based design platform, has made a significant move in the digital design industry by acquiring the Affinity creative software suite. This acquisition, announced on Tuesday, gives Canva ownership over Affinity Designer, Photo, and Publisher – three popular creative applications for Windows, Mac, and iPad.

These applications offer features similar to Adobe’s Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign software.

Although the official figures for the deal have not been disclosed, reports suggest that it is valued at “several hundred million [British] pounds.” This strategic acquisition aligns with Canva’s efforts to appeal to more creative professionals.

Despite already having a vast user base of around 170 million monthly global users as of January, Canva aims to further expand its reach in the creative industry.

Canva Does Not Have Its Own Dedicated Design Applications

Unlike Adobe, Canva does not have its own dedicated design applications tailored for creative professionals such as illustrators, photographers, and video editors. By acquiring Affinity’s suite of creative software, Canva aims to fill this gap and provide a more comprehensive solution for creative professionals looking for alternative tools to Adobe’s offerings.

Canva’s Press Release Announcing the Deal

“While our last decade at Canva has focused heavily on the 99 percent of knowledge workers without design training, truly empowering the world to design includes empowering professional designers too,” Canva in a press release announcing the deal stated. “By joining forces with Affinity, we’re excited to unlock the full spectrum of designers at every level and stage of the design journey.”

Affinity apps, despite having a smaller user base compared to Adobe, shouldn’t be underestimated, according to Canva, which reports over three million global users.

The decision to offer Affinity applications as one-time purchases without ongoing subscription fees has garnered a loyal following, particularly among creatives seeking alternatives to Adobe’s subscription-based model.

Affinity Applications Will Remain Separate From Canvas Platform

Canva co-founder Cameron Adams stated in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald that Affinity applications will remain separate from Canva’s platform. However, some small integrations are expected over time.

Adams mentioned, “Our product teams have already started chatting, and we have some immediate plans for lightweight integration, but we think the products themselves will always be separate.”

Affinity Now Under Canvas’s Umbrella

With Affinity and its 90 UK-based employees now under Canva’s umbrella, the company has greater opportunities to compete with Adobe across the broader creative software market. Given Canva’s appeal to creatives due to its simplicity-focused platform, it stands a chance of attracting professionals who are looking for alternatives to Adobe’s offerings.



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