UNDP/Gabon Call for Project Proposals to tackle Environmental Issues (50,000 USD)

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), in collaboration with the government of Gabon, is launching a call for project proposals aimed at addressing pressing environmental challenges.

Call for Project Proposals to tackle Environmental Issues
Call for Project Proposals to tackle Environmental Issues

With a grant of 50,000 USD available, this initiative seeks innovative solutions from individuals and organizations passionate about environmental conservation and sustainability.


The primary objective of the UNDP/Gabon Call for Project Proposals is to foster local initiatives that contribute to environmental protection, conservation, and sustainable development in Gabon and beyond.


Gabon, like many other countries, faces significant environmental challenges such as deforestation, biodiversity loss, climate change impacts, and pollution. Recognizing the urgency of these issues, UNDP and the Gabonese government are committed to supporting grassroots efforts to address them through this call for proposals.


Proposals should focus on one or more of the following priority areas:

  • Biodiversity conservation and habitat restoration
  • Sustainable land management and reforestation
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation measures
  • Waste management and pollution control
  • Community-based initiatives for environmental education and awareness

Eligible Countries

The call is open to individuals and organizations based in Gabon, as well as those from neighbouring countries in the Central African region.

Eligible People

The call welcomes submissions from a wide range of stakeholders, including but not limited to:

  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
  • Community-based organizations (CBOs)
  • Academic and research institutions
  • Indigenous peoples’ organizations
  • Youth groups
  • Women’s associations
  • Private sector entities with a focus on environmental sustainability


The deadline for submitting project proposals is [05-Apr-24]. Late submissions will not be considered.

Funding Amount

The maximum amount per project proposal is set at 50,000 USD for projects whose duration Support for smallholder farmers to achieve national land degradation neutrality targets varies between 12 and 24 months.


The UNDP/Gabon Call for Project Proposals offers several benefits:

Funding Support:  Successful proposals receive financial assistance of up to $50,000, enabling the implementation of impactful environmental projects.

  • Capacity Building: The initiative fosters capacity building among local communities, NGOs, and stakeholders involved in environmental conservation efforts.
  • Collaborative Opportunities: It encourages collaboration and partnership among various organizations and individuals working towards addressing environmental challenges in Gabon.
  • Innovation and Creativity: The call stimulates innovation and creativity in proposing sustainable solutions to environmental issues, fostering a culture of problem-solving and adaptation.
  • Impactful Change: Selected projects have the potential to bring about meaningful change in Gabon’s environmental landscape, contributing to biodiversity conservation, climate change mitigation, and sustainable development goals.
  • Networking and Visibility: Successful applicants gain visibility and networking opportunities within the UNDP network and beyond, enhancing their credibility and potential for future collaborations.
  • Community Empowerment: By supporting local initiatives, the call empowers communities to take ownership of environmental conservation efforts, fostering a sense of responsibility and stewardship over natural resources.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for consideration, project proposals must meet the following criteria:

  • Address one or more of the specified priority areas.
  • Demonstrate innovation, feasibility, and sustainability.
  • Have a clear and achievable impact on the environment and local communities.
  • Be aligned with the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and Gabon’s national development priorities.
  • Include a detailed budget and implementation plan.
  • Provide evidence of stakeholder engagement and community participation.


The following types of projects are not eligible for funding:

  • Projects with a primary focus on profit-making or commercial activities.
  • Projects that promote activities harmful to the environment or local communities.
  • Projects that do not adhere to ethical standards or violate human rights principles.

How to Apply

To apply for the UNDP/Gabon Call for Project Proposals to Tackle Environmental Issues (50,000 USD), follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website of UNDP Gabon or search for the specific call for proposals page on the UNDP website.https://procurement-notices.undp.org/view_notice.cfm?notice_id=98219
  • Review the eligibility criteria, guidelines, and objectives of the call to ensure that your proposed project aligns with the requirements.
  • Prepare your project proposal according to the guidelines provided, including detailed information on the project’s objectives, activities, expected outcomes, budget, and implementation plan.
  • Complete any required application forms or templates provided by UNDP Gabon, ensuring all necessary documents are included.
  • Submit your application before the specified deadline through the designated online platform or email address provided on the official website.
  • After submission, monitor your email for any updates or requests for additional information from the UNDP Gabon team.

Documentation Requirements

The documentation requirements for the UNDP/Gabon Call for Project Proposals to Tackle Environmental Issues (50,000 USD) typically include:

  • Project Proposal: A detailed document outlining the project’s objectives, activities, methodologies, expected outcomes, and sustainability plan.
  • Budget Proposal: A breakdown of the project budget, including itemized expenses such as personnel costs, supplies, equipment, travel, and administration fees.
  • Work Plan: A timeline or work schedule indicating the proposed timeline for project implementation, including key milestones and deliverables.
  • Organization Profile: Information about the applying organization, including its mission, objectives, past projects, and experience relevant to environmental conservation or related fields.
  • Partnership Agreements: If applicable, documentation demonstrating partnerships or collaborations with other organizations, stakeholders, or local communities involved in the project.
  • CVs or Resumes: Curriculum vitae or resumes of key project personnel, demonstrating their qualifications, expertise, and experience relevant to the proposed project.
  • Letters of Support: Letters of support or endorsement from relevant stakeholders, community leaders, government agencies, or other organizations expressing their commitment to the project.
  • Legal Documentation: Legal documents establishing the legal status and registration of the applying organization, such as certificates of incorporation or registration.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment: Depending on the nature of the project, an environmental impact assessment or analysis may be required to evaluate potential environmental effects and mitigation measures.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Plan: A plan for monitoring and evaluating the project’s progress and impact, including indicators, data collection methods, and reporting mechanisms.

Tips for Successful Application

To increase the chances of success, applicants are advised to:

  • Conduct thorough research on the environmental issues in Gabon and identify gaps and opportunities for intervention.
  • Develop a clear and compelling project proposal that addresses the specified priorities and aligns with the objectives of the call.
  • Engage with local communities and stakeholders to ensure their involvement and support throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Demonstrate the feasibility and sustainability of the proposed activities, including realistic timelines and budget estimates.
  • Seek feedback from peers, mentors, or experts in the field to strengthen the quality of the proposal before submission.


The UNDP/Gabon Call for Project Proposals presents a unique opportunity for individuals and organizations to contribute to environmental conservation and sustainable development in Gabon and the wider Central African region. By harnessing local expertise and innovation, these projects have the potential to catalyze positive change and create lasting impacts for future generations. Interested applicants are encouraged to submit their proposals before the deadline and join efforts in building a more sustainable and resilient future for all.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can individuals apply for funding, or is it limited to organizations?

Both individuals and organizations are eligible to apply, as long as they meet the specified criteria and demonstrate the capacity to implement the proposed project effectively.

Are there any restrictions on the use of funds?

The grant funds must be used exclusively for project-related expenses, as outlined in the approved budget. Any deviation from the budget must be justified and approved by UNDP/Gabon.

Is co-funding required for project proposals?

While co-funding is not mandatory, applicants are encouraged to explore opportunities for leveraging additional resources to enhance the impact and sustainability of their projects.



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