Borderlands Movie Releases Its First Trailer

Borderlands movie releases its first trailer and it gives off a real Guardians vibe. The new trailer for Lionsgate’s Borderlands film adaptation from director Eli Roth introduces a ragtag team of Vault Hunters.

Borderlands Movie First Trailer

Borderlands Movie First Trailer

Lionsgate’s adaptation of Borderlands, directed by Eli Roth, has been elusive in terms of its intended tone. However, the first trailer suggests that the studio is aiming for a vibe similar to Guardians of the Galaxy.

Movie Plot and Story

Based on the popular game series, Borderlands follows the story of alien outlaw Lilith (played by Cate Blanchett), who is wanted on the planet Pandora. She returns to her home planet in search of a legendary vault rumored to contain priceless treasures.

Knowing she can’t tackle the mission alone, Lilith recruits a team consisting of mercenary Roland (Kevin Hart), mad scientist Dr. Tannis (Jamie Lee Curtis), demolitionist Tiny Tina (Ariana Greenblatt), Tiny Tina’s enforcer Krieg (Florian Munteanu), and robot Claptrap (Jack Black). Though they have little in common, they form a solid squad to accompany Lilith on her quest.

Content of the Trailer

The trailer effectively captures the cel-shaded style of the Borderlands games, while also incorporating the series’ gritty humor. With jokes and quirky scenes, including Claptrap’s explosive robot diarrhea, the trailer maintains the franchise’s unique sense of humor. Moreover, the use of Electric Light Orchestra’s “Do Ya” enhances the action-packed sequences, giving the impression that Lionsgate aims for Borderlands to resonate with the same energy as Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy films.

Release and Streaming Date

Borderlands is set to hit theaters on August 9th.



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