BMW Wireless Chargers Are Disabling iPhone 15 NFC Chips

BMW wireless chargers are disabling iPhone 15 NFC chips according to Apple. The tech company behind the fevered iPhone devices has now come out to say that an update is on the horizon to help keep both BMW and Toyota Supra wireless chargers from disabling iPhone 15 NFC chips.

BMW Wireless Chargers Disabling iPhone 15 NFC Chips

BMW Wireless Chargers Disabling iPhone 15 NFC Chips

Users for some time now have been reporting that the NFC chips of their iPhone 15s were failing after making use of BMW’s in-car wireless charging, but up until this very moment, Apple has not addressed the said complaints. That however seems to have changed as reported by MacRumors this very week that an Apple internal memo to third-party repair providers states that a software update in the later parts of this year should prevent a “small number” of in-car wireless chargers from “temporarily” disabling NFC chips of iPhone 15’s.

Apple’s Advice to Anyone Still Experiencing the Issue

Apple reportedly stated that until the said fix is publicly released, anyone who experiences this issue in question should not make use of the wireless charger in their car. Users on the other hand have been reportedly complaining about just how BMW wireless chargers are breaking Apple Pay and the BMW digital key feature in posts on Reddit, Apple’s Support community, as well as MacRumors’ very own forums.

BMW has Acknowledged the Issue

BMW in this situation seemed to have acknowledged the issue in question in the early parts of this month when the BMW UK X account replied to a said complaint earlier this month stating that the company is reportedly working with Apple in a bid to investigate the issue. There is however no easy way to know which of the models are affected, so for now, if it is that you have a BMW or a Toyota Supra with a wireless charger, then it is probably best to just avoid making use of it altogether until the problem is finally fixed.

What the Companies Involved In the Issue Have to Say about the News

BMW, Apple, and Toyota have all been reached out for a statement regarding this issue, but haven’t heard back from them.



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