How to Fix Google Pay Not Working

In this article, I would be walking you through the steps on how to fix Google Pay not working. The steps I would be stating for you below cover everything you need to fix your Google Pay account if it does not allow you to add a credit card.

How to Fix Google Pay Not Working

Sometimes having uninterrupted access to all the payment methods, you can get your hands on is essential, but you should note that technology is not perfect. Subsequently, if Google Pay fails to work for you, locating a quick fix is going to be integral in keeping up with your day. So, below I would be stating some important steps to getting it fixed below.

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Why Google Pay is Not Working

There are several reasons why Google Pay is not working for you. and below, I would be listing some possible reasons that could cause the problem. They include:

  • Your card details is not correct
  • The Vendor does not accept the Kind of card type
  • The card you are using have expired
  • Your Card was flagged based on suspect of suspicious activity
  • NFC has been disabled or it is not supported
  • Your device is rooted
  • Your internet connection is slow or your device is not connected.

If you feel none of these reasons stated above is not the cause of the predicament, you can choose to contact your bank for more support.

How to Fix Google Pay Not Working

Below, I have outlined some steps that you can use to get your Google Pay working again. These steps are basic quick steps that you can easily follow. They include:

Update Google Pay

The issue might be that the Google pay app you are making use of is an outdated version of the app and that it is causing you issues.

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Update your Google Pay Card Information

Sometimes, you might need to confirm that our card information is accurate which includes the expiration dates and CVV codes. You are expected to enter your name exactly as it appears on the card.

Check your Google Pay Phone number

Google Pay requires a correct phone number for security reasons. If you have a new number or you entered your number incorrectly, Google would not be able to complete the purchase.

Check your Internet Connection

You cannot make use of Google Pay without the internet, so make sure that your mobile data is turned on, or that you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Make Sure your Phone Supports NFC

If paying by tapping does not work for you, you can check the official list of NFC phones to see if your phone supports this feature.

Disable and Enable NFC on your Phone

You are expected to have enabled NFC on your device in other for you to pay by tapping. If you have already enabled the feature, you can choose to toggle the feature off and on to reset it.

Clear the App Cache

Cached data are usually meant to make apps run a lot faster, but sometimes too much old cache can cause some minor issues. By deleting your Google Pay cache, your issues might be solved.

Redownload Google Pay App

You can choose to uninstall the app altogether and then redownload Google Play from the Google Play Store. Also, you can reconnect your cards, but it may be the only way for you to get a corrupted app fixed.

Contact Your Card issuer

If after trying out all the steps outlined above and your card still fails to work the right way, you might need to contact your card issuer. Sometime the issue might be from your bank.

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What Store Accepts Google Pay?

Google Pay is accepted by a lot of major retailers that are in the U.S. Google has a list of retailers that accept Google Pay.

What can I Pay for with my Google Pay Account?

Google pay is a simple and secure way for you to save and pay for things. The platform is great, and you can use it to:

  • Pay at your favorite places
  • Send money and receive money immediately
  • Earn cash rewards for your every day Payments

Is Google Pay Available on iOS

Yes. So if you are making use of an iPhone, you can still enjoy Google’s Payment Services. Google has not excluded most of its apps from iOS devices. Apple Pay performs more than enough on iOS devices, so you would not feel less when making use of it.

Does Google Pay Offer cashback and Rewards?

On your Android or iOS device, you can choose to take advantage of the cashback rewards and other offers if you opted for earning cashback and discounts during the setup process. Right on the Google Pay app, tap on the explore icon. You should be able to scan a product code or QR code to see any rewards available on it.

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