Best Rocks Glasses – Crystal Whiskey Glasses

Are you looking for the best rock glasses? If yes, then this blog post is for you. Rock glasses are commonly called Old fashioned, Whiskey, or lowball glasses, and they are essential glassware in any home.Best Rocks Glasses

The Rocks glasses are most often used for straight-up hard liquor like whiskey, vodka, or bourbon or for cocktails, such as an old-fashioned, or Sazerac. Read on for more information.

Best Rocks Glasses

If you have done the research, you will notice that there are a lot of different options to choose from that are available on the market. They have different designs, functions, quantities, presentations, and prices.

However, with all these options, you could spend a lot of time and energy searching through all of the information available. Good news, you don’t have to. We have done the research and picked the best for your home bar and events.

What to Look for When Purchasing Rocks Glasses

There are some things to consider when shopping for the best rocks glasses, here are some of the things to consider;

Material Type

Drink glasses can be made from glass, plastic blends, wood, metal, or ceramic materials. However, glass materials are highly popular material because of its look, function, durability, and easy to cleaning. In addition, some crystal glassware can be made with lead-oxide.


You need to consider the deign and styles that will fit your home bar. However, rock glasses with thicker walls and base will offer better stability. They will also be more durable. Rocks glasses constructed of thin glass are more prone to breakage like chipping, shattering, or cracking.


You should also consider the capacity of the drinking vessel you most desire. In addition, consider the circumference of the glass. If you have large enough hands to grip, go for wider glasses.


Think of the quality of glasses that are in set when making your purchase. The sets featured in this article come in sets of two, four, six, and twelve.

If you want matching glasses and want easy options for expanding your glassware or replacing a broken item, think about how many glasses you will get.


You may want to consider purchasing accessories, such as: whiskey rocks, tongs, shakers, strainers, and mixers. Other accessories like cleaning tools and coasters help extend the life of your drinkware.


Textured, crystal rocks glasses are more expensive than models constructed from regular glass. However, higher price points correlate with the quality and durability of materials as well as function and design.

5 Best Rocks Glasses

This article will help you get set up to enjoy your drinks in style.

Best 4 Set – VENERO Crystal Whiskey Glasses


  • Durable design
  • Unique, attractive look
  • Comfortable feel

The Venero brand whiskey glasses are a solid pick for a great set of quality 4 rocks glasses at a good price. This set is constructed from non-leaded crystal and has a capacity of 10 fluid ounces.

In addition, the unique twisted design adds style and because they are made from high-quality crystal you can be sure your drinks will look great. The set come in an attractive satin-lined padded gift box, which make for perfect gift-giving.


Best Set of 6 – SZMMG Whiskey Glasses Set


  • Nice look
  • Good weight
  • High-quality set

Szmmg whiskey glasses is our top pick for a set of 6 durable, fashionable, and functional rocks glasses. These 10-ounce glasses are made from high-quality lead-free crystal.

In addition, they have a good base thickness and sidewall and are formed with an attractive twisted design. These glasses accommodate larger ice cubes.


Best Set of 12 – Anchor Hocking Manchester Rocks Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses


  • Attractive design
  • Solid base
  • Good value
  • Perfect for entertaining or everyday use

If you are in the market for a high-quality set of 12 rocks glasses, the Anchor Hocking glasses are a solid choice. With a capacity of just over 10 ounces, this set is a great size and versatile, great for anyone’s favorite drink.

Additionally, these glasses are constructed with a textured pattern and a solid base. These are a great pick at a great price for a set of 12 tumblers.


Best Set of 2 – MOFADO Crystal Whiskey Glasses


  • Premium quality
  • High capacity (12 ounces)
  • Wide, accommodates larger ice cubes
  • Thick weighted bottom

The Mofado brand set of 2 whiskey glasses is a great pick if you are looking for a high capacity set of premium quality and craftsmanship. These glasses have a classic, weighted bottom design.

In addition, they hold 12 ounces and are wide, perfect for large ice cubes. These glasses are perfect for whiskey, a martini, a Manhattan, or any other of your favorite drinks.


Libbey Classic Cocktail Carats Double Old-Fashioned Glasses


  • 12 Ounce
  • Set 4
  • glass material
  • 12 fluid Ounces

Every party is just a little more fabulous when you’re drinking from the Classic Cocktail Carats double old fashioned. Faceted accents catch the light, reflecting beautiful diamond shapes across your bar or tabletop and adding sparkle to your favorite cocktails and liquors.

However, as durable as it is timeless, Carats is an easy way to elevate your home bar. you will appreciate the style and sophistication these double old-fashioned glasses bring to your bar cart.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Can Rock Glasses Be Used For?

Rock glasses are typically designed to be used for hard liquors and cocktails, but their use is not limited to alcoholic beverages. PLUS, you can use the glasses for any cold beverage including juice, sodas, and water.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Specifically Designed Rocks Glass?

Rocks glasses are designed with a robust and heavy base, which makes it practical for muddling as when you mix an Old-Fashioned cocktail. So, a specifically designed rocks glass is a perfect size and weight for hard liquors and muddled cocktails.

How Many Cocktail Glasses Should You Have?

For large parties or weddings, calculate 1.5 glasses per person per type of drink you plan to serve. Another option is to assume that each person will drink one drink every hour, so multiply the number of guests by the hours of the event; 100 guests x 4 hours = 400 drinks.

What Is the Capacity of a Typical Rocks Glass?

The rocks glasses featured in this article feature glasses with capacities ranging from 2 to 12 ounces. A standard hard liquor pour is 1.5 ounces for one shot, 2 ounces for rocks pour (also referred to as a neat pour), and 3 ounces for a double. Glasses that are 8-12 ounces have extra space for ice and offer versatility for other drink use.

What Is the Best Glass for A Martini?

Cocktail glass is the best glass for a martini.

What Are the Benefits of Using Whiskey Rocks?

The recommended top gift set in this feature article includes a set of reusable whiskey rocks. These can be frozen, used in beverages then refrozen and reused. They stay cold for 3-4 hours and work by cooling your drink and absorbing the heat.

However, they are nice because they do not melt in your drink like a typical ice cube, so they do not dilute your drink.



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