Best Meat Tenderizers – How Do You Use A Meat Tenderizer?

Best meat tenderizers – A meat tenderizer are also known as a meat pounder. It is a hand-powered tool used to beat attempts of meat in the preparation for cooking.

Best Meat Tenderizers
precursors pork meat, preparing burgersprecursors pork meat, preparing burgers

Though meat tenderizers can be made out of simulated objects, they come in three forms. This tool is useful in various ways, it helps when preparing particularly tough cuts of steaks.

Best Meat Tenderizers

Chewing tough meat is not a pleasant experience, mostly when you are in public. It can be embarrassing, but there is a way out.

Sometimes it’s simply a cheap cut of meat, but all the meat needs are the right preparation.

How can the meat be prepared? Nice question, one of the east and fast ways of preparing meat so that it can be tender and juicy is with a meat tenderizer. Read on to explore.

Types of Meat Tenderizers

As I have stated, there are three forms of meat tenderizers. In addition, any type you go for will always make your meat softer, and tastier and will require less time to cook.

  • The first is a hammer or mallet style made of metal or wood with a short handle and dual heads.
  • The second is a potato masher with a short handle and a large metal face.
  • The third form is a blade tenderizer that has a series of blades or nails that are designed to puncture the meat

However, you can go for tendering meat with mallet softens and fibres, it makes the meat easier to chew and digest.

Advantages of Using Meat Tenderizing

There are many benefits to enjoy when you use the right meat smashing.  Below are a few benefits to enjoy:

  • Tenderizing the meat with the mallet help soften the fibres
  • it makes the meat easy to chew and digest
  • Useful when cooking mostly tough cuts of steak
  • It works well when roasting or frying the meat.

How Does Meat Tenderizer Work?

Tenderizing is the act of making meat more tender by breaking down the connective tissue.  It works for pounding meat, marinating, and slowing cooking among others.

However, making it stress-free in chewing and easy digestion. For proper use, moisten the surface of the meat with water just before cooking. Then sprinkle tenderizer evenly over the meat, don’t add salt.

What To Consider with Meat Tenderizers

There are some factors to consider when shopping for the right meat tenderizing. Below are a few things to check out on.

Blade Style

Meat tenderizer blades come in forms, they include needle and blade. However, the needle probably has the benefit of infusing important spices into the meat. While blade style slices the meat so thinly, it is flatted to make for easier cooking.


You also need to check out the handle, go for a good grip and have high-quality materials in the handle aspect. You can go for non-toxic which is safe and healthy in its construction. They also have food-grade rubber material as their cover.

Protective Guard

Safety is a major concern, go for tools consisting of a special plastic that fits over the blade section when stored away. It avoids accidental cuts when not in use and also guides the device from contamination and germs.

Best Meat Tenderizers Amazon

Purchasing the right meat tenderizers at Amazon is one of the right choices to make. They offer at an affordable rate and their tools are durable and easy to use. Scroll down and make your choice.

Jaccard 48-Blade Meat Tenderizer

  • Nice for cheap cuts of meat
  • Consists of 48 knives
  • Made of high-quality material ABS plastic
  • Easy to use and clean

If you are in search of an overall meat tenderizer, Jaccard is the right choice. This highly efficient meat tenderizer help reduce cooking time and savour all the great flavours of your meats. Additionally, it is made with food-grade ABS plastic that is safe to use. It consists of 48 knives that pound via connective tissue and is not easy to use for both professional and home chefs.


Spring Chef – Meat Tenderizer

Key Feature

  • Versatile
  • Double-sided for multiple applications
  • Easy for cleaning and usage
  • Easy to handle
  • Lightweight and anti-rust material

This is a heavy-duty hammer mallet tool and chicken pounder constructed with solid aluminium and chrome plating. It comes with a soft grip handle which offers comfort, safety, and convenience. plus, it is multipurpose so you can use it to loosen packages of frozen vegetables, tenderize meat, and more.


Weston Manual Heavy-Duty Meat Cuber Tenderizer


  • Last long and durability
  • Compact design for easy storage
  • Easy to assemble and pull apart
  • Adds grooves to the meat to soak

This is an amazing meat pounder. you can turn the handle and any tough piece of food become delicate and juicy with this tool. However, it is one of the easy to use and is a very effective tool to have in the kitchen. Plus, it is a speedy and easy solution for tough meat.


Norpro Meat Tenderizer


  • 24 stainless steel prongs to easy tough meat fibres
  • Operated with one hand
  • Offers all power for its performance
  • Backed by many decades

This meat pounder come with an innovative spring action which is made for you to get your protein to the ultimate succulent. However, this tool is one cuts through connective tissue with ease to give you nothing but tender meat every time. Plus, it can be easily used, clean, and also speedy.


OXO Good Grips Easy-Clean Bladed Meat Tenderizer


  • Durable
  • Safe and convenient to use
  • Easy to use
  • 50 sharp teeth to create holes in the

For those who need uniform softening of their favourite protein, this tool is a must-have device in the kitchen. It consists of texture and delicate softness in every dish you make. Plus, easy to use, durable, quality, safe, and very convenient use.


Needle Meat Tenderizer – Special


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Durability
  • Easy to hold

This Is one of the top easy-to-use tools when it comes to a meat tenderizer. It features a unique detachable design for deep cleaning and is dishwasher-safe.  It is solid, easy-grip plastic, and rust-proof stainless steel you can use for a long time. In addition, it easily transforms any meat into a succulent, delicious, and more.


Norpro Grip-EZ Stainless Steel Meat Pounder


  • easy to clean and use
  • Easy to hold
  • Last long and durability

This is a heavy meat pounder for quick work but small enough for precise flexibility. It is made of stainless steel over iron and it is easy to use and clean. Plus, the handle is also easy to hole and also features durability. Note that Norpro is a well-established supplier of disincentive kitchenware founded in 1973.



What Is A Meat Tenderizer?

Meat tenderizer also known as meat pounder, it is used to break down the hard connecting tissues in meat to help soften the meat for easier cooking and better taste.

How Do You Use A Meat Tenderizer?

It is very easy to use, simply focus the meat on the tenderizer tool, operate it a watch the meat softens with time.

Do Meat Tenderizer Tools Work?

Yes, it works. It helps soften fibres making the meat easy to eat and digest. It also works well when broiling or frying. Plus, tenderizing meat makes it mash into a magical bullet.

Does A Meat-Tenderizing Hammer Work?

The hammer-style meat tenderizer is the best option for tough cuts of meat. However, it has a flat side which makes it perfect for smashing chicken or veal cutlets flat.

What Are the Three Ways to Tenderize Meat?

The ways to tenderize meat include slow cooking, marinating, and pounding. Furthermore, you can tenderize meat at home with a mallet or rolling pin.



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