Best Light Therapy Lamps 2022 – How Long does it take for Light Therapy Lamp to work for Depression?

Which are the Best Light Therapy Lamps 2022? A light therapy means a treatment involving exposure to an artificial light source. The therapy primarily treats major depressive disorder with seasonal patterns known as a seasonal affective disorder.

Best Light Therapy Lamps 2022

This is a depression that occurs during a certain time of year, most especially in the wintertime when there’s less daylight. The solution to such depression is light. Alight can also be used to treat other conditions, like sleep disorders, and other types of depression.

Research shows that lower levels of serotonin are associated with depression and that light therapy is an effective remedy.

Best Light Therapy Lamps 2022

There are good therapy lamps for this year 2022, and light therapy is very safe to use and has no contraindications with other treatments. Those people with some disorders, such as eye conditions like macular degeneration or photosensitive skin, are not good candidates for this treatment.

light therapy may be used to treat a variety of mental health conditions and is often the first treatment recommendation for those with SAD. It can be used on its own, particularly for those with milder symptoms.

How it Works

Light Therapy is very simple and easy to use, all it takes is a light therapy box or lamp, which you simply plug in, turn on, and sit close enough to for four eyes and skin to absorb the light for an allotted amount of time.

It is important to receive 10,000 lux of exposure and at the proper distance, which the better lightboxes will permit over 30 minutes of exposure. it is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations with respect to the actual distance needed to get the proper amount of light in 30 minutes.

How Long does it take for Light Therapy Lamp to work for Depression?

The result may be seen within a few people, but a lot of people experience some benefits from light therapy within some weeks.

Symptoms of depression should improve in about 2 weeks. If they do not, you can increase your time in front of a 10,000-lux lamp to 60 minutes per day. If this does not work, you can reach out to a doctor for advice.

You can take a break from light therapy for a day or two to prevent symptoms from returning.

Amazon Best Light Therapy Lamps

Amazon is one 0f the best place to get the best light therapy lamp online, they also sell almost everything you can think of. The following are the best amazon light therapy lamps so far:

Light Therapy Lamp, Vacont UV-Free 12000 Lux Light Sun Lamp

This is a UV free 12,000 lux (light level) lamp with intensity natural daylight for effective light therapy, non-invasive and UV-free, relax your nervous, anxious and unhappy mood, especially on gloomy days and bleak indoor environments.

The therapy lamp has 3 color temperature levels controlled by a touch switch, choose the color temperature from 3000 k 4750K, to 6500K. View the product here.

Verilux® HappyLight® Lucent – UV-Free LED Light Therapy Lamp

This is a light therapy lamp that delivers up to 10,000 lux for effective, safe, and natural light therapy. You can start enjoying the bright light therapy improves sleep, boosts mood, increases energy, and enhances focus, leaving you feeling revitalized. View the product here.

Light Therapy Lamp, UV-Free 10000 Lux Therapy Light

This is a novel appearance design with 4 timer function, you can choose this therapy box light for 15 / 30 / 45 / 60 minutes. Starting with 15 minutes and then gradually increasing to the most suitable using time, energy-saving, and convenience.

The smooth Dimming function makes it easy to adjust brightness levels from 30% to 100% with a simple touch of the button. Customize the most suitable light depending on the environment. View the product here.

Light Therapy Lamp, UV-Free 10000-38600 Lux LED Therapy Light

This light therapy lamp provides you with 3 color temperatures like daylight, natural light, and warm light which imitated the intensity of the sun in the morning, midnight, and evening, with 10 adjustable brightness levels, and step-less dimming. You can adjust it according to your needs.

You can turn on the light therapy lamp when you eat, work, exercise, sleep, and study. It will always accompany you so that you have a good mood for the day. View the product here.

Light Therapy Lamp Bio-Clock

This is a Sunlight that can improve the overall physical condition and sleep. However, people nowadays always cannot get sufficient sunshine probably because of social withdrawal, unfavorable climate, and relatively closed office/living environment.

Bionic Sunlight lamp provides essential sunlight, it also simulates sunrise with natural ambient sound. View the product here.

Light Therapy Lamp, Blue Energy Light Lamp

This is a blue energy light lamp with natural. It is the compact blue light that energizes like bright daylight, it has a similar effect as a sunny blue sky on well-being, and it’s as effective as much larger 10,000 lux white lights.

You can adjust the brightness according to your personal preference. Five levels can be adjusted. View the product here.

MiGGMM 54W 18 LEDs Red Light Therapy

The Red-Light Therapy Bulb is Composed of LED Light Generated by Red 660nm and Near-Infrared 850nm, belongs to Phototherapy and is Not a Hyperthermia Bulb.

The Lamp Has 18 pieces High Power LEDs, including 9 pcs- 660nm wavelength and 9 pcs Far Infrared 850nm-is Invisible Light, do not Think That the Lamp Beads are not Bright. View the product here.


Light therapy might not be for everyone, but many people find some relief from symptoms of seasonal affective disorder, other forms of depression, and sleep issues while using these devices.

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