Best Golf Tees for Distance & Beginners

Best Golf tees are designed to help you get the best grip on your clubs as you hit the green. Golf tees are made from different materials, they include plastic, wood, or bamboo. They are made to be durable but can crack or break over time. Read on to se our top picks on Golf tees.

Best Golf Tees

Best Golf Tees

We have picked the best golf tees based on the features of being well-constructed and durable.

Golf tea is a thin, two- or three-inch wood or plastic that is pin on which a golf ball lies in a steady and stock-still position.

It is very easy to use, check out our top picks so that you may choose the best Golf Tees for you.

Best Golf Tees Buying Guides

Below are ways to shop for the right Golf tees.

Type of Golf Tee Materials

There are different types of golf tee material. So, it is essential to consider the material who is best before shopping for it. Currently, there are four types of golf tees materials, they include:

Wood Golf Tee: Wood Golf tee are the most common golf and it has been for 100+ years. Most professional golfers choose these tees. Plus, it is also most common among the four major types.

One of the issues with wood tee is that they easily break. Since it is the cheapest, you can always get new one.

Rubber Tees: You all know what rubber means, this tee is made of rubber. They are the cheapest and reliable as they are built for longevity.

Additionally, the rubber material is made durable. They are also attractive.

Bamboo Golf Tees: This bamboo tees are like the wood tees. They are very strong compared to traditional normal wood tee. However, they have a steeper price.

Plastic Golf Tees: Plastic is the last to consider. If you are not good at keeping wood golf tees, then go for plastic.

Length Of Golf Tee

The other things to consider is the length of the tee. Tee lengths have been adjusted, so it good you check the length before buying.

Additionally, tee lengths vary from 1.5 to 4 inches and each one is geared toward a specific shot and swing.

Style of Golf Tees

Style of golf tee is another thing to consider. Currently, golf tee has changed a lot so make sure go for the one that make you feel comfortable.

However, the different style of golf tees include:

  • Traditional Golf Tees
  • Brush Golf Tees
  • Anti-slice golf tees
  • Zero friction golf tees

You can check out google for the picture to know your choice and one that is comfortable for playing game.

Consider the Marking and Color

Some of the golf tee have markings on them to help golfers identify how far down to insert the tee in the ground. You also need to check out the color as wood and white are still the most common.

But you can check out the pink, green, blue, red, and other colors as well.

7 Best Golf Tees 2022

Now you get little knowledge on the golf tees, let go straight to out top pick from Amazon.

Best Golf Tees for Beginners – Pride

The pride golf tees are best for beginners and it come in different types. They are wood tee and are made of 100% solid hardwood and designed to provide maximum performance and stability.

Additionally, these tees allow golfers to place their tees at a consistent height every time. Also, they are designed for durability and features nontoxic lead-free paint that is safe for the environment and safe for golfers.


Best Golf Tees for DistanceFLIGHTPATH Premium

This golf is designed specifically to hold up during your game, it is bets for distance. It also designed zero friction golf tees encourage a smooth, consistent flight path.

Additionally, FlightPath’s high-grade fairway or driving range tee was created with a shape that will reduce side spin and increase speed, bringing your long game to the next level. Illegal golf tees.


Best Golf Tees for SeniorsCHAMPKEY

Best tees for seniors, CHAMPKEY is the right option. It is also best options to reduce friction and side spin for optimal accuracy and distance.

This product is made of bridgeable bamboo which is the most eco-friendly option. They are stronger, longer-lasting, and more capable compare product compare to other options.


Best Bamboo Golf TeesSAPLIZE

This is one of the best bamboo golf tees, these products are 100% made with biodegradable materials and compostable which makes them an earth-friendly choice.

Additionally, it is smooth finish reduces friction and side spin. It is adjustable within the height of the peg according to the marls on the shaft.


Best Illegal Golf Tees – Zivisk

These options are perfect for players who are looking to purchase a large volume for many games at the club. It is made from natural hardwood instead of plastic.

The material is sustainable and biodegradable so it doesn’t cause secondary pollution.

However, it features a sleek hardwood constriction that limits club resistance for a smoother shot that won’t mark up your club face.


Best for WomenCrestgolf Golf Tee

This is one of the best golf tees for women and it is made 100% hardwood golf tees with lead-free and biodegradable. They offer more different colors. So, you can choose the color you like and match your outfit and club.

Additionally, it is made of hardwood material that can withstand multiple shots. The size is 2.8inch and it come 100pack.


GFGL Golf Tees Durable Bamboo Tees (4 yard more)

This bamboo golf tees are designed for better durability and performance. The golf tees are engineered and offer maximum performance.

Additionally, it offers More durable and stable, and it also reduce friction and side spin for optimal accuracy and distance.  It safe for golfer and environment as it features nontoxic lead-free paint.



What Golf Tees Of The Pros Use?

Old school wood tees are tended with pros. But the height depends on the player as some prefer to hit more up to the ball while others prefer hitting down on it.

Plus, some PGA and LPGA tour pro actually prefer plastic tees for their key features.

Do Golf Tees Really Make A Difference?

Yes, they make a difference mostly with a driver. If you are with the wrong height, you can make it hard to hit consistent drivers. Additionally, tees assist a ton of iron shot off the box and can improve your overall contact.

Are Wooden Golf Tees Better Than Plastic Golf Tees?

The question depends on the type of golfer. I could recommend a wooden tee for lower handicap players. While plastic tee is good for some beginner or high handicapper, they can definitely help you hit it straighter and may be even help your slice.

Why Do Golf Pros Use Wooden Tees?

Golf pros choose using wooden tee because they are elite ball strikers and don’t need the help of specialty tees. They usually use a longer tee as the driver head is not resting on the ground since pros hover the club.

Do Golf Tees Really Make A Difference?

Depending on your angle of attack with a driver, tees can make a marginal difference on spin and distance. It’s all about friction.



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