Best French Fries Recipes – How to Make French Fries Homemade

Are you interested in making tasty French fries? Tastier than the ones you have made before? Do you want to know the secret behind restaurant-made French fries? If yes, you are in the right place. You would discover the Best French Fries Recipes and also how to make them, so keep on reading.

Best French Fries Recipes

Best French Fries Recipes

Though the origin and history of this staple dish are difficult to determine, French fries (also known as Fries) are eaten around the globe because it is quick and easy to prepare and also versatile (can be eaten with a variety of side dishes).

Though the primary and most important ingredients for making French fries (Best French Fries Recipes) are Potatoes, Vegetable oil, salt, and black pepper (which is optional), this does not mean that having them would make you a perfect meal of French fries. There are some principles you need to follow to get that perfect and crispy French fry you desire. This is where the Best French Fries recipe comes in.

Side Dish for French Fries 

Based on your preference, you could enjoy your homemade French fries with your favorite Burger, Ketchup, Baked beans, Baked Asparagus (this is a great idea for vegetarians), grilled corn, Macaroni, and cheese (this side dish is creamy and yummy), chicken steak and salad (for chicken lovers), Turkish eggs, etc. The list goes on and on, you should be creative with your cooking ideas.

How to Make French Fries Homemade

If you follow the steps below, you would be able to achieve crispy French fries all by yourself. To do this make sure you already have your condiments and utensils close to you, this would prevent you from running around in the course of cooking.

  • Wash the potatoes thoroughly and peel them neatly.
  • Cut the potato vertically into thin sticks (you should make use of a good knife to obtain this shape).
  • Fill a large basin halfway with cold water and add the cut potatoes.
  • Soak the soaked potato for up to 3 hours (you can as well leave them in a refrigerator to soak overnight).
  • Once you’re ready to cook the fries, remove the potatoes from the water and drain them.
  • Boil the potato in water for about five minutes to parboil it.
  • Drain the water from the potatoes and pat them dry with paper towels.
  • In a deep pan, heat a reasonable amount of vegetable oil (about half a cup).
  • Fry the sliced potatoes in batches until they are tender and light brown.
  • Drain them on clean paper towels after frying.
  • Season the fries with a pinch of salt and little freshly ground black pepper.
  • Fry the potatoes once more, but this time on a lower heat level.
  • Remove the potatoes when they are golden brown and dry them with paper towels.

After this, allow the Fries to cool and you can start eating your Homemade crispy French fries with your preferred side dish.

How to Make French Fries in the Oven

For those on the health-conscious extreme, baking French fries instead of frying them is a great alternative. Baked French fries are still delicious and you don’t have to bother about them not being tasty and crispy as you desire. To make French fries in the oven with the best French Fries recipe, follow the cooking guide below:

  • Thoroughly wash the potatoes, peel them, and slice them vertically into thin sticks.
  • To extract the starch, soak them in cold water overnight.
  • Strain the water out of the French fries and dry them with clean paper towels.
  • Arrange the fries in a single row on a baking sheet and bake for about 20 minutes at 400°F in the lower third of the oven.
  • After 20 minutes, remove them from the oven, toss them in the pan, and return them to the oven.
  • Bake the fries till golden brown, then remove them after they have attained the desired color.
  • Place the French fries in a new bowl and spice them up with salt and black pepper.

Your Baked French fries are now ready for consumption and you don’t have to worry about them affecting your health.

How to Make French Fries Crispier

You may be wondering why your homemade French Fries are not as crispy as the restaurant-made French Fries. A perfect French fry is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and this may be difficult to achieve for you. The key to making French fries crispier is to remove as much starch and moisture as possible. You eliminate moisture from your potatoes by cooking them multiple times (baking or frying). Also, soak the potatoes in cold water to completely remove the starch and you would have a crispier French Fry.

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