BBC is Actively Preventing Data Scraping by OpenAI

BBC is actively preventing data scraping by OpenAI but is receptive to exploring AI-powered journalism. The UK news organization intends to collaborate with companies to determine the most effective applications for generative AI.

BBC is Actively Preventing Data Scraping by OpenAI
BBC is Actively Preventing Data Scraping by OpenAI

The BBC, the United Kingdom’s largest news organization, has outlined its guiding principles for assessing the utilization of generative AI. This includes its application in research, journalism production, archiving, and personalized experiences.

BBC is Actively Preventing Data Scraping by OpenAI

In a blog post, Rhodri Talfan Davies, the Director of Nations at the BBC, expressed the broadcaster’s belief that this technology presents opportunities to provide “greater value to our audiences and society.

The three guiding principles entail the BBC’s commitment to consistently acting in the public’s best interests. Also giving precedence to talent and creativity while respecting artists’ rights, and maintaining openness and transparency regarding AI-generated content.

BBC Expresses its Willingness to Collaborate With Tech Companies 

The BBC has expressed its intent to collaborate with tech companies, fellow media entities, and regulatory bodies to responsibly advance generative AI technology.

“In the coming months, we will initiate various projects that delve into the application of Gen AI in our content creation and operational processes. We will take a focused approach to gain a deeper understanding of the potential advantages and challenges, stated Davies in the blog post. “These projects will evaluate how Gen AI might aid, enhance, or even revolutionize BBC initiatives in numerous domains. Also encompassing journalism research, content production, archive management, and personalized user experiences.

The company refrained from specifying these projects in an email.

Other Organizations Expressed Their Approach to this Technology

Other news organizations have also outlined their approach to this technology. Earlier this year, The Associated Press introduced its own guidelines and collaborated with OpenAI to utilize its stories for training GPT models.

BBC has implemented measures to block web crawlers from OpenAI and Common Crawl accessing BBC websites. This aligns with the practices of CNN, The New York Times, Reuters, and other news organizations. Davies explained that this decision aims to “protect the interests of license fee payers” and that using BBC data to train AI models without permission is contrary to the public interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Guiding Principles the BBC Follows in Evaluating the use of Generative AI?

The BBC’s guiding principles include acting in the public’s best interests, prioritizing talent and creativity while respecting artists’ rights, and maintaining openness and transparency about AI-generated content.

How Can the BBC’s Approach to AI Impact the Future of Journalism?

The BBC’s exploration of AI in journalism could potentially lead to advancements in content creation, research, and personalized user experiences, transforming the way news is produced and delivered.

Are Other News Organizations Taking Similar Measures Against Data Scraping?

Yes, several news organizations, including CNN, The New York Times, Reuters, have also taken measures to prevent web crawlers from accessing their copyrighted content.

Why Did the BBC Block Web Crawlers from OpenAI and Common Crawl?

The BBC blocked web crawlers to protect its copyrighted material and the interests of its license fee payers. Unauthorized use of BBC data for training AI models is not considered in the public interest.

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