Baobab Network Accelerator Program 2023 ($100,000 Funding) – APPLY NOW

Unlock your business growth, and turn your tech startup into a superstar! The Baobab Network Accelerator Program 2023 is inviting eligible African tech entrepreneurs for an opportunity to access an early-stage business capital of up to $100,000.

Baobab Network Accelerator Program 2023
Baobab Network Accelerator Program 2023

This program is designed to accelerate the growth of your tech enterprise, the Baobab Network Accelerator program aims to invest in the next generation of African tech entrepreneurs.

What is Baobab Network?

Baobab Network is Africa’s leading accelerator, dedicated to providing early-stage capital and hands-on support to unlock growth and foster world-class startups.

They understand the unique challenges and potential of the African tech ecosystem, and they’re committed to nurturing the talent and innovation it holds.

Benefits of Baobab Network Accelerator Program

The benefits of participating in the Baobab Network Accelerator Program include:

  • As a participant, you will receive up to USD 100,000 in Funding. This much-needed early-stage capital will serve as a catalyst for your company’s growth, enabling you to turn your innovative ideas into reality.
  • Baobab Network has designed an intensive, unique program tailored to ensure that startups graduating from each cohort have the tools and knowledge required for success. This bespoke approach sets you on the path to building a thriving business.
  • One of the program’s standout features is the access it provides to a powerful global network. This network includes experts, mentors, corporate partners, and investors, all ready to contribute their insights and resources to help grow your business. With Baobab Network, you’re not just gaining funding but also invaluable connections.

Eligibility Criteria for the Baobab Network Accelerator Program

Baobab Network opens its doors to early-stage tech startups across Africa. However, to qualify for this exciting opportunity, your solution must create or rely on technology to solve a problem, and you should have a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with some traction.

The general selection process considers several factors such as:


  • Your founding team’s deep understanding of the market you’re operating in is crucial. Being aware of customer behavior and industry trends sets you apart.
  • Can your team hit the ground running and get things done efficiently? The ability to execute plans is vital for success.
  • Building a company is a challenging journey. Does your team have the passion and determination to persevere through the inevitable hard times?
  • Building a great company culture that attracts top talent and empowers employees is a priority.
  • Does your team have a clear vision of the impact they want to make? Purpose-driven startups often inspire lasting change.

Business Model

  • Identifying clear revenue streams, both present and future, is essential.
  • Promising product uptake and key business metrics, such as user sign-ups and Gross Merchandise Value (GMV), are indicators of potential success.
  • Can your success be replicated in other geographical or vertical markets? Scalability is a key factor in long-term growth.
  • Ensuring your business is financially sustainable, either profitable or on a clear path to profitability, is fundamental.


  • Is your product intuitive to users? Does it effectively solve a problem and is this evident to users?
  • Does your team have a roadmap for improvement and the features/offerings they want to add?
  • Is your team proactive in collecting customer feedback and updating features based on available data?

Market Opportunity

  • Identifying key market trends and understanding how your startup fits into them is essential.
  • Who are the other key players in the market, and how does your startup differentiate itself?

How to Apply

Do you meet the above-stated qualifications? Are you set to take your tech startup to the next level?

Application Deadline

October 31, 2023.



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