Ayoba Hits 35 Million Active Users Each Month

Ayoba, the super app backed by MTN Group, achieved a significant milestone by reaching 35 million monthly active users for the financial year ending in December 2023.

Ayoba Hits 35 Million Active Users Each Month
Ayoba Hits 35 Million Active Users Each Month

This milestone reflects the app’s rapid growth, driven by improved user experience and a robust content offering.

Ayoba Hits 35 Million Monthly Active Users

MTN Group attributed the growth of Ayoba to higher retention rates and organic adoption, fueled by enhancements in the communication suite and a diverse content portfolio encompassing music, games, and services.

The expansion into new markets during the fourth quarter of the previous financial year, including Kenya, Egypt, Mali, Tanzania, Burkina Faso, and Botswana, further accelerated Ayoba’s user base.

Selorm Adadevoh, MTN Group’s chief commercial officer, highlighted the app’s dedication to innovation and user-centricity as key drivers of its success. Adadevoh emphasized MTN’s commitment to empowering communities, fostering innovation, and establishing a sustainable ecosystem for long-term growth.

Working to Enhance Ayoba’s Amazing Offerings

Looking ahead to 2024, Burak Akinci, CEO of Ayoba, expressed optimism about the app’s future prospects.

Akinci outlined plans to enhance Ayoba’s offerings for football fans, introduce updates across messaging, groups, user stories, music, games, and expand into the business-to-business segment to benefit partners and leverage the app’s growing ecosystem and traffic.



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