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Audio Engineer Jobs with Visa Sponsorship is a highly specialized field that plays a pivotal role in the music and entertainment industry. Professionals in this field are responsible for recording, mixing, and mastering audio content, ensuring that the final product is of the highest quality.

Audio Engineer Jobs with Visa Sponsorship
Audio Engineer Jobs with Visa Sponsorship

However, if you are an audio engineer looking to explore job opportunities abroad and require visa sponsorship, you’re in the right place. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of audio engineering jobs with visa sponsorship options.

The Global Demand for Audio Engineers

The demand for audio engineers is not confined to a specific geographical location; it’s a global necessity. The music and entertainment industry, alongside emerging fields like virtual reality and podcasting, continues to thrive. This has led to a constant need for skilled audio engineers around the world. Whether you’re interested in working in the heart of the entertainment industry in Los Angeles or prefer a quieter role in a recording studio in Berlin, opportunities are available worldwide.

What Does an Audio Engineer Do?

The technical components of sound are managed by audio engineers, usually referred to as sound engineers, during a recording, a live performance, or an event. They position microphones and mix, overlay, and reinforce the sound while adjusting the audio balance and sound sources.

However, an event space, a sound booth, or a recording studio are all possible workplaces for audio engineers. They frequently collaborate on the sound the artist is attempting to achieve with performing artists like musicians.

Responsibilities and Duties

Below are the typical responsibilities of an audio engineer:

  • Capturing, editing, blending, and mastering audio for use in a sound recording.
  • Using a mixing board to create the ideal balance for the event venue during the soundcheck.
  • Managing the sound during a live performance, making necessary changes, and adding sounds like music or sound effects.
  • Synchronizing the music, conversation, and sound effects on a video recording.
  • Video or digital recordings into a digital format for sound editing.

Audio Engineer Salary in United States

How much does an Audio Engineer make in the United States? The salary is based on location, experience, and company. But the general salary in the USA is $26.64-$58.93 while the yearly salary is $96,135-$212,648.

Some Top Companies for Audio Engineers in United States

There are some high-paying companies with lots of benefits, some of them include:

Company Per hour Per year Website to apply
Tessolve Semiconductor Pvt Ltd $31.67- $79.84
Meta $76,473- $275,000
Video Tech Services Inc. $16.47- $39.34 $49,752 – $52,205
Sweetwater $11.96- $20.29 $18,000- $188,956
Bose $10.50- $68.00 $39,691- $167,230
Perspecta $14.47- $80.74 $52,000- $159,438
Kings Dominion $9.50- $17.32 $25,000- $60,000


Highest-paying Cities for Audio Engineers

You might be wondering which city is best to relocate to with high-earning benefits. Well, look no further as we are listing below some cities with high pay for audio engineers jobs:

City Per hour Per day Weekly Monthly Yearly
Los Angeles, CA $45.75- $103 $473-$1,064 $3,020-$6,794 $11,688-$26,291 $165,074- $371,330
Orlando, FL $28.19-$57.88 $291-$598 $1,861- $3,821 $7,201-$14,786 $101,712-$208,838
Houston, TX $26.29-$51.62 $272-$534 $1,736-$3,408 $6,716-$13,188 $94,863-$186,270
New York, NY $26.18-$57.54 $271-$595 $1,728-$3,798 $6,688-$14,699 $94,465-$207,605
Atlanta, GA $23.00-$49.90 $238-$516 $1,518-$3,295 $5,875-$12,749 $82,982-$180,066
Indianapolis, IN $21.94-$42.67 $227-$441 $1,448-$2,817 $5,604-$10,900 $79,147-$153,951
Norcross, GA $19.17-$32.33 $198-$334 $1,266-$2,134 $4,898-$8,258 $69,176-$116,642
Burbank, CA $18.89-$24.22 $195-$250 $1,247-$1,599 $4,826-$6,187 $68,165-$87,386
Nashville, TN $17.39-$40.28 $180-$416 $1,148


$4,443-$10,289 $62,747-$145,321


Audio Engineer Jobs with High-Earning

There are high-paying jobs under audio engineer jobs, some of them include:

Job Name Salary range
Bluetooth Audio Engineer (AirPods) $170,700 and $256,500 per year
Audio Research Engineer $116,002 – $168,000 a year
Junior Audio Engineer/Podcast Audio Editor $18 – $25 an hour
Audio Engineer $25 – $30 an hour
Chart Writer / Audio Engineer $59,792 to $79,694 yearly



Below are some of the benefits to enjoy when you apply for the jobs:

  • Health insurance
  • Retirement
  • Flexibility at work
  • Insurance
  • Leave
  • Dental Insurance
  • Paid time off employee mentoring program

How To Become an Audio Engineer

However, the steps typically required to become an audio engineer are as follows:

  • Go to school. Since many audio engineers gain their expertise through experience rather than formal education, this stage is optional. A degree in audio engineering or sound recording is an option for students.
  • Acquire knowledge in a similar field. Working in radio, television, the performing arts, or music can help audio engineers learn their trade.
  • Obtain certification. The Society of Broadcast Professionals offers certification as a Certified Audio Engineer to audio professionals with five years of experience or more in the field of sound engineering.
  • Obtain the required skills. Strong communication skills, mechanical aptitude, physical stamina to set up and take down equipment, and a sensitive ear are requirements for sound engineers.

Types of Work Visas for Audio Engineers

Several types of work visas are commonly used for audio engineers seeking employment abroad:

  • H-1B Visa (USA): The H-1B visa is a popular choice for skilled professionals, including audio engineers, who wish to work in the United States. However, securing an H-1B visa can be competitive due to annual caps.
  • Tier 2 (General) Visa (UK): For those interested in the United Kingdom, the Tier 2 (General) visa is suitable. This visa allows non-EEA nationals to work in the UK, including roles in audio engineering.
  • Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190) (Australia): Australia offers skilled migration visas, such as Subclass 190, which may apply to audio engineers with the necessary qualifications and skills.
  • Working Holiday Visas: Some countries, like New Zealand and Canada, offer working holiday visas that allow individuals to work and travel for a specific period. While these may not provide long-term career stability, they can be a great way to gain experience and explore a new country.

Finding Audio Engineer Jobs with Visa Sponsorship

  • Job Search Websites: Utilize job search websites like LinkedIn, indeed, and Glassdoor to explore audio engineering job opportunities. Many employers who are open to sponsoring foreign workers will mention it in their job listings.
  • Networking: Building a strong professional network is crucial. Attend audio engineering conferences, workshops, and events to connect with potential employers or colleagues who may know of visa sponsorship opportunities.
  • Contacting Audio Production Companies: Reach out directly to audio production companies, recording studios, or entertainment firms in your target destination. Express your interest and inquire about visa sponsorship options.
  • Consult with Immigration Experts: Consulting with immigration experts or attorneys who specialize in work visas can be invaluable. They can guide you through the visa application process, helping you identify potential sponsors and navigate the legal requirements.


Exploring audio engineer jobs with visa sponsorship is an exciting opportunity to combine your passion for sound engineering with the experience of living and working in a new country. While the process may seem daunting, with determination, the right resources, and professional networking, it is very much achievable.


What Is The Job Outlook Like For Audio Engineers?

Between 2018 and 2028, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an 8% rise in job openings for broadcast and sound engineering technicians. This growth outpaces the 4% to 6% overall growth that is the national norm.

Do Audio Engineers Travel For Work?

A group may go on tour with an audio engineer to handle the sound at various venues, such as those who work with bands or tour firms. They perform sound checks and adjustments at each venue to maintain a consistent sound balance and accommodate the unique acoustics of each space.

What Kind Of Equipment Does An Audio Engineer Use?

To manipulate the sound during a recording or performance, audio engineers employ tools including microphones, mixing boards, computers, and tablets. Additionally, they can modify the dynamics of the output sound by utilizing compressors and limiters, and they can alter the sound’s quality and tone by employing equalizers.



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