Asus New Portable Monitor Come with Pen Support

Asus New Portable Monitor is said to come with Pen support and was created for creators. Tons of people nowadays still argue about whether monitors actually increase productivity or simply offer more distractions.

Asus New Portable Monitor Come with Pen Support

There is a little debate concerning when the second display turns out to be a touch screen that you can make use of as an additional input device. That’s the type of thinking Asus seems to have embraced with its newly introduced portable monitor made created for professionals.

Asus New Portable Monitor Come with Pen Support

The catch here is that this model is not your run-of-the-mill second display that happens to have touch sensitivity; it instead sports a rather odd but novel tool that functions more like a digital palette, complete with a dial that is physical.

Asus Laptop fans might find the new ProArt display PA147CDV oddly familiar. It almost seems like the makers of the PC ripped out a similarly short but wide display from its ZenBook Pro Duo Laptops and propped it up on its very own stand. Oddly enough, The ProArt display is losing as it seems to come with a 14-inch screen, but one that has a lower 1920×550 resolution.

Well, the aim is totally the same. The Asus ProArt Display PA147CDV offers creatives a second touch-enabled monitor that can be used when it comes to displaying side content or, as the case may be, additional controls for certain apps. It actually could be placed right on the side of your laptop, even in a vertical orientation, in other to show references while you work on the larger monitor, but where it actually shines is when it comes to creating content.

Digital Creators for Toolbox

With 100% support for the Rec. 709 and sRGB color gamuts, the Asus ProArt display PA147CDV is already great when it comes to displaying the digital content that you might already be working on. Its compatibility with any stylus that supports the Microsoft Pen Protocol 2.0, however, takes the creativity to an entirely different level. Admittedly, the Ultra-wide 32:9 ratio of the screen makes it less of a Wacom Cintiq replacement, but this can get the job done a lot faster if you need to touch up images in a pinch.

What gives the monitor an edge is the Asus dial that sits right on the left side of the stand; it supports the same controls that the Surface Dial has but it also allows its users to customize what it does, depending on the running app. Well, unfortunately, it seems to get fixed in its spot, meaning that users who are left-handed are once again left out by this unfortunate design.

Asus Creator Hub App

Asus Creator Hub app happens to also transform the screen straight into a customizable control panel for popular apps that includes Lightroom, Premiere Pro, and After Effects. Nothing yet has been said concerning the Asus ProArt Display PA147CDV will cost, but it is scheduled to launch sometime in the second quarter of this year. When it actually launches, Asus would be offering users three free months of Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription to aid users make the best of that quirky second screen.

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