Apple’s iPhone Weather App Was Temporarily down Yesterday

Apple’s iPhone weather app was temporarily down yesterday. For most parts of Tuesday, the weather app on iOS revealed no data or even cached old weather information. But right now, the company is saying that the issue has been fixed.

Apple’s iPhone Weather App Down

Apple’s iPhone Weather App Down

The weather app on the iPhone was reportedly down for many users in the early parts of Tuesday. The said problem began at around midnight ET and then persisted all through the morning in many regions. Owners of iPhones have reported to opening the weather app and then finding no data or old cached weather information.

It was noted by 9to5Mac that while the main weather app was broken for many users, the version for the Apple Watch was working just fine.

Apple’s support note for the most of the morning of the incident said that “next-hour precipitation may be unavailable for Alaska due to a data provider outage,” despite a problem that was more widespread clearly, it has ever since then been updated to note an unspecified generally ongoing problem with many users starting at 11 PM the previous night before Tuesday.

The Issue Has Been Resolved

The app eventually started to refresh as some users had to restart their iPads and iPhones before they could pull refresh weather data, and the Apple System Status page now notes “Resolved Issue” at about 1:31 PM ET.

Dark Sky Recently Made a Brief Return to the Scenes

The weather app issue of the iPhone is coming barely a week after Dark Sky briefly returned. Apple back in 2020 purchased Dark Sky and then shut it down and reportedly moved some of its features into the weather app. The Dark Sky app however made a brief return from the dead in the previous week before it reportedly disappeared again.

The Ups And Downs of the Apple Weather App

You should know that when apples new Weather app is up and running fine, it really has some great improvements all thanks to the integration of Dark Sky, but many people however still miss the dedicated Dark Sky app.

Apple however has added rain alerts, but you are not able to control whether you want alerts for light, medium, or even heavy rain, which is really disturbing and irritating for users in countries like England where it usually rains a lot. Apple as you should know is based in Silicon Valley of California where it infrequently rains, so the software engineers of Apple maybe forgotten to migrate over that very essential feature from Dark Sky.



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