Apple’s Brand New M3 iMac gets Discounted Just Ahead of Back Friday

Apple’s brand new M3 iMac gets discounted $100 just ahead of Back Friday. The new 24-inch iMac only has been on sale for just a couple of days, but already you can save really big on one.

Apple's Brand New M3 iMac Discounted

Apple’s Brand New M3 iMac Discounted

The M3 24-inch iMac for those that don’t know is a great all-in-one Mac and even more than powerful enough for the vast majority of users. This product is brand new, having only just been on sale for a couple of days, but that really has not stopped B&H Photo from selling it at a discount and it isn’t yet even Black Friday.

Duration of the Deal

The new iMac in question normally would cost around $1,300 but you get your hands on one up today for just $1,199 if it is that you go for the base configuration and, most importantly, the silver color option. We also really don’t know just how long this deal will last, so it is important that you will want to lock in the savings now if it is that you have been eyeing up Apple’s new desktop machine.

Specs and Features

This 24-inch iMac in question, of course, comes with it that new M3 chip which simply means that you are getting an integrated system with an eight-core CPU as well as an eight-core GPU married to 8GB of RAM. Storage on the other hand is handled by the built-in 256GB SSD and inputs in question come in the form of a pair of Thunderbolt 3/USB 4 ports. There is also a 3.5mm headphone jack, too on the side.

Other Notable Specs and Features

Wireless connectivity choices and options are inclusive of Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3 so that means that you are all set there. Other notable features and specs include that 24-inch Retina display, as well as the included Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse. Prefer to make use of your very own peripherals? Then make sure to check out B&H Photos’ Black Friday deals if it is that you need to get yourself a new input accessory or anything else regarding tech for that matter.



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