Apple iMac 24-inch – Apple iMac 24-inch Specifications and Features

In today’s Apple Event, the new Apple iMac 24-inch was unveiled with a totally new design and also the M1 chip.

Apple iMac 24-inch

It’s thinner than ever, with a design that echoes the iPhone 12 and iPad Air. And comes in a range of seven colors, including green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, and silver.

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Apple iMac 24-inch

The Apple iMac 24-inch comes with a 24-inch 4.5k retina display (4480 x 2520) with 11.3 million colors.

It comes with new speakers, a mic, and a camera, also as another magic keyboard. The device also brings touch ID to the desktop machines for the first time. With a magic mouse and trackpad, all color-coded to match the device.

New iMac 24-inch

There’s also a spanking new power line that attaches magnetically and incorporates an ethernet cable into the power connector to keep up a clean look.

M1 chip allows the New iMac 24-inch to be smaller and more efficient and now could be just 11.5mm thick and weighs below 10 pounds (4.46kg).

Apple iMac 24-inch Release Date

The Apple iMac 24-inch will be made available and accessible for order from the 30th of April, 2021. With shipping within the last half of May.

Apple iMac 24-Inch Price

The Apple iMac 24-inch will be cost $1299/£1249/AU$1899 with a seven-core GPU, 8GB RAM, 256GB storage. And it is available on the market in green, pink, blue and silver colors.

The eight-core GPU version starts from $1499/£1449/AU$2199 with 8GB RAM, 256GB storage. The storage is upgradeable to 512GB and is on the market in all seven colors.

The new iMac 24-inch colors include green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, and silver.

Apple iMac 24-inch Specs And Features

The biggest changes inside the Apple iMac 24-inch other than the M1 chip are in the camera, mic and speakers, described as best ever in a Mac.

The camera is in a 1080p HD device, just like the 27-inch model. Also, as a brand new three-array studio microphone, to lower background noise and a six-speaker system that supports spatial sound with Dolby Atmos.

There are three new Magic Keyboard options, all color-matched to the device, including models that feature a number pad and Touch ID.

New Magic Mouse and Trackpads also are color-coded but otherwise, look similar in design to previous models. For connectivity, the Apple iMac 24-inch features two Thunderbolt ports.

With support for extra displays up to 6K (such because the Apple Pro Display XDR) and WiFi 6. The new power adapter incorporates a 1Gbps ethernet port then attaches to the device with a magnetic connection.

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