Solo Stove Reportedly Announces Cinder Just In Time for Winter

Solo Stove reportedly announces Cinder, an indoor S’mores Roaster just in time for winter. The Cinder for those that don’t know is a really small, gel-fuelled fire, which is really great and perfect for roasting marshmallows.

Solo Stove Announces Cinder

Solo Stove Announces Cinder

If it is that you are one of the many who like outdoor living, then you are sure to have heard of the name Solo Stove. The firm in question makes some of the best fire pits that you can purchase, especially the excellent Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 product. And just as the weather turns cold, sitting around a fire and roasting s’mores is quite a lot of fun.

But what if it is that you want to roast those very s’mores without sitting out in the cold? Maybe it is that you want to sit under your patio heater but however, still have the open flame taste on your marshmallows; Cinder provides a great and handy solution.

Specs and Features of the Cinder

The Cinder in question as a product is a small (six inches in diameter and just a little over 4 inches high) concrete burner that can easily and effectively fit on a table, breakfast bar, or even a coffee table. The concrete that is used does not look industrial as it has a sandy appearance rather than the normal gray, and the weight on the other hand makes it feel well-constructed. The little bamboo base as well as the copper nameplate make it look really elegant when placed on a dining room table.

How the Cinder Works

It makes use of Solo Stove’s liquid gel cans in a bid to power the flame, and just because the fuel burns cleanly without releasing any form of toxic fumes, it can also be used indoors as well as outdoors. The gel on the other hand gives off a warm yellow flame that can be used to roast marshmallows or even as a nice ambient fire to just stare at. The entire gel can on the other hand burn out in three hours of continuous usage, which is quite a long time when you are making s’mores.

Price and Availability

The Cinder in question is at the moment available from the website of Solo Stove and for a very reasonable and cheap price tag of $50. You can also choose to purchase more gel fuel for when it is that you need to stock up.



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