Apple Is Set to Fix Exhausting iPhone 14 Bug

Apple is set to fix exhausting iPhone 14 bug soon as the tech company just recently acknowledged the said issue.

Apple Is Set to Fix Exhausting iPhone 14 Bug

Apple Is Set to Fix Exhausting iPhone 14 Bug

The iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max are really great phones, but as you already know, no phone is immune to the occasional bug. And that has just recently affected these smartphones and in the process causing horizontal lines to flash across the screen in the process of being powered or unlocked.

This issue falls directly under the category of annoying rather than just anything serious, but however, this is not something that you want to see on an expensive new smartphone and just as sighted by MacRumors, this is something that many people are experiencing at the moment. And with that being said, this is something that should be remedied soon.

What Apple Has To Say about Fixing the Said Bug

Apple in a memo spotted by MacRumors acknowledged the bug and says that “Apple is aware of the issue and a software update is coming soon that will resolve the issue.”

And with that memo from apple, hopefully, this is not something that users will have to be putting up with for a long time. And since it’s a software issue rather than a hardware fault, a simple software update should do the trick.

When Will the Fix Be Rolled Out To Users?

One thing that however remains unclear at the moment is exactly when the fix will be rolled out, but it could however come with iOS 16.3. But while this is still very much in beta at the moment, it probably will not be properly rolled out for a least a few weeks, based on just how long apple seems to take with new versions. There is apparently and alternatively a chance that the company will be releasing an iOS 16.2.1 with a fix sometime before that.


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