Apache Accused Of Cultural Appropriation and Indigenous Erasure

Apache accused of cultural appropriation and indigenous erasure. A Native American group as of now has urged Apache to change its name.

Apache Accused Of Cultural Appropriation and Indigenous Erasure

Apache Accused Of Cultural Appropriation and Indigenous Erasure

Natives that are in tech, a charitable organization that is raised to empower Native American people simply by offering networking events among many other initiatives, has now urged the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) in a bid to change its name out of respect for the culture of the indigenous people that is said to appropriate.

The group in a blog post criticizes apache for failing to stick to its code of conduct citing the words of the company: “be careful in the words that they choose”.

How the Name of the Company Came About

The name of the company was said to come about when Brian Behlendorf, a co-founder watched a documentary in regards to famed native American chief Geronimo.

And according to Behlendorf, what happened to the Apache by the westerners that helped colonized the US “almost romantically represented what he felt [the company was] doing with this web-server project.”

The Article Accuses Behlendorf of Indigenous Erasure

The article in question accuses Behlendorf of indigenous erasure which is the process of “removing, re-framing, and undermining Indigenous presence, past and present”, thus highlighting the eight recognized tribes of New Mexico, Arizona and Oklahoma federally that help carry the Apache name in these modern times.

“On occasion, we have been asked about claims about the use of the ‘Apache’ name by the Apache Native American communities,” an extract found on the website of the company states.

“During its twenty-five years of use of ‘Apache’ as part of its name, the ASF has never been involved in any legal dispute with Native American communities or any other party in relation to the use of the ‘Apache’ name.”

Other Times the ASF Has Come Under Scrutiny for Its Related Imagery and Name

And just like the company states, this is not the first time that the ASF has come under scrutiny for its related imagery and name. its feather logo prior to this has been challenged as a stereotype for “Indianess”, as per another collaborative web post that calls for an end to the use of Native American names, images, and even mascots by the firm’s and sports teams.

What The ASF Has to Say About The Development

A spokesperson of the ASF revealed to TechRadar Pro: “We hear the concerns from the Native American people and are listening. As a non-profit run by volunteers, changes will need time to be carefully weighed with members, the board, and our legal team. Our members are exploring alternative ways to address it, but we don’t have anything to share at this time.”


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