An Original and Unopened iPhone 1 could Get You Up to $50,000 At Auction

An original and unopened iPhone 1 could get you up to $50,000 at auction according to many reports.

An Original and Unopened iPhone 1 could Get You Up to $50,000 At Auction

An Original and Unopened iPhone 1 could Get You Up to $50,000 At Auction    

The latest iPhone is the iPhone 14 no doubt which was launched last September, but do you know that it all started back in 2007? And the iPhones that were launched back then are now worth way more than their original $499 asking price.

An original and unopened iPhone 1 at the moment is up for auction via AppleInsider, and it is expected to rake in as much as $50,000 which is approximately £41,480 / AU$72,235 at the exchange rate of today. That really is not a bad return on an investment after 16 years.

What the Auction Listing Says About the Device

This is “one of the most important and ubiquitous inventions of our lifetime” as per the auction listing, a device that “forever changed the smartphone industry” and which is now “widely regarded as a blue-chip asset amongst high-end collectors”.

The auctioneers made reference to earlier two auctions for similar items that have come close to the $40,000 mark, and it now seems like the price is very much likely to go up over the next couple of years. And as of this writing, the top bid for the item in question stands over $11,000, with the auction stipulated to run until next Thursday.

Notable Features Of The iPhone 1

This is clearly one of the most important devices and gadgets of the century and even perhaps the gadget of the century although it does not compare to the phones of today. The screen is a very small 3.5 inches at 16GB and there is a single 2MP rear camera to its name.

Many reviews were done when the device was first released. And while the intuitive interface and dazzling screen were fan favorites, users were actually disappointed with the lack of 3G connectivity and the fixed focus camera.


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