AMD’s Successor to RX 7600 Could Be an Affordable GPU

AMD’s successor to RX 7600 could be an affordable GPU that hopefully gets to show industry competitor, Nvidia, just how it’s done. Even if it is that mid-range is as far as AMD goes with RDNA 4 that really is not necessarily a bad thing after all.

AMD’s Successor to RX 7600

AMD’s Successor to RX 7600

There has been a whole lot of worry surrounding the next-gen graphics cards of AMD being potentially rather disappointing, with Team Red on the other hand supposedly dropping the idea of having a high-end GPU, and then topping out at the mid-range – but that does not mean that RDNA 4 is going to be weak sauce though.

That is quite an obvious enough statement, but still, there has been a distinct drop in enthusiasm because of these recent revelations in the rumor mill. And in the process, prompting Moore’s Law is Dead (MLID) to put together a new video on why we should not be overly concerned in regards to RDNA 4, and just how it could still be a really impressive leap in performance, relatively speaking, even if it is that there will not be a Navi 41 flagship.

AMD Is Set to Produce Two Mid-Range Monolithic GPUs

To kick off things off, we should underline that talk of a high-end cancelation with RDNA 4 still very much remains speculation, and with that, we should treat it as such.

And bearing that in mind, you should know that MLID has a source who at the moment claims that AMD is now gearing itself to produce two mid-range monolithic (single chip) GPUs which in question will remain competitive into the year 2025. Those s you should know would be Navi 43 and 44 chips, and in theory (the latter being a lower mid-range, and as well the equivalent to the current RX 7600).

How These Graphics Cards Will Fare With Nvidia’s Next-Gen Mid-Range GPUs in 2025

So, in contrast to the mid-range now, these very graphics cards in question will be a good deal very much more powerful and they will come out in about a year’s time from now, but will however be peppy enough to also compete with the next-gen mid-range of Nvidia in 2025.

RDNA 4 Will Make Use of a Far Superior Process

MLID, however, reminds us that RDNA 4 will make use of a far superior process (3nm or 4nm) in contrast to current-gen RDNA 3 and that the RX 7600 on the other hand(6nm) is already highly competitive with the RTX 4060 in rasterization (non-ray tracing), even though the latter in question is on 5nm.

And just as the leaker says, if really AMD can iron out the power consumption issues that it has had with RDNA 3 that have held it back somewhat, then it would be very easy to foresee mid-range RDNA 4 offerings which are very strong and powerful in relative terms, given that process drop.



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