Amazon Virtual Health Clinic Rolls Out Across the Entire US

Amazon virtual health clinic rolls out across the entire US. This new development now means that basic healthcare will now be available online through Amazon Clinic across all of the 50 states in the US.

Amazon Virtual Health Clinic

Amazon Virtual Health Clinic

The web-based healthcare service of Amazon has now officially rolled out to all of the states in the US. This is happening as the e-commerce company looks to conquer even more space and areas.

With Amazon Clinic in question, users can now remain within the Amazon ecosystem in a bid to get access to some basic healthcare, which is inclusive of consultations and treatments for over 30 common health concerns.

Those people that are looking to benefit from the medical service of Amazon can get help regarding coronavirus, birth control, migraine, sinus infection, and many more.

You should know that during the early stages of Amazon Clinic, the service already has averaged a satisfaction rating of 96%. Screenshots in the blog post of the company also suggested that customers may just be able to review their own treatment relating to each individual condition so that future customers can easily make a judgment about whether to go for Amazon as a healthcare service.

More to the Service

And alongside video consultations nationwide, 34 states in the US also get access to instant-messaging support. It is not actually Amazon that gives the patients the medical advice that they get, though: Wheel, SteadyMD, Curai Health, and Hello Alpha in question are all offering their services via Amazon Clinic, and digital patients can easily and effectively select their preferred choice based on pricing.

The company has come out to say that message-based consultations in question typically cost around $35 on average, with video calls on the other hand costing a touch over double on average, at $75. And while Amazon Clinic doesn’t accept insurance “at this time,” customers can however at least make use of FSA or HSA money to foot the bill they accrue.

How the Service Will Work

Amazon also adds that medications that are prescribed by clinicians may just easily be covered by insurance, and those that are looking for fast and free delivery can make use of the Amazon Pharmacy service.

Chief Medical Officer and General Manager for Amazon Clinic, Dr. Nworah Ayogu, citing a lack of time, tools, or resources for some cases in question of poor health, has stated that the wider rollout of Amazon Clinic is hoped to take away barriers.

The Future Ambitions of Amazon Virtual Clinic

And while Twitter (or should we say X?) has really been stealing the headlines lately over the ambitions of Elon Musk to make the network a catch-all platform, very much like China’s WeChat, Amazon is very much clearly well on its way to its own, very similar, dream and goal.



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