Amazon Is Making a Push for More AI Experiences

Amazon is making a push for more AI experiences as more artificial intelligence will be coming your way. The tech company says that new AI applications will help to transform user experiences.

Amazon Push for AI Experiences

Amazon Push for AI Experiences

Amazon Web Services recently launched a new cloud service on Thursday. The new service is meant to allow companies and developers alike to improve their software with artificial intelligence. The service in question is known as Amazon Bedrock, and AWS has said that it provides users with an easier way to build generative AI-powered apps.

“Bedrock customers can choose from some of the most cutting-edge [Foundation Models] available today,” AWS in a release said. “Customers simply point Bedrock at a few labeled examples in Amazon S3, and the service can fine-tune the model for a particular task without having to annotate large volumes of data.”

Amazon Is the Most Recent Company to Jump into AI

Amazon is the most recent company to wade into AI. OpenAI back in March launched GPT-4, which is an updated version of the technology that helps to power its popular ChatGPT chatbot. Microsoft also has begun using GPT technology in the Bing search engine, and Google has now unveiled its very own AI chatbot, known as Bard. Other firms and services, such as DuckDuckGo and Snapchat, have also launched their very own AI features and tools. And so far, Amazon has not revealed any plans for any consumer-facing tools.

AWS Has Announced the General Availability of Amazon Codewhisperer

AWS also recently announced the general availability of Amazon CodeWhisperer, which is an AI coding companion. AWS said that CodeWhisperer is the fastest, most accurate as well as the most secure way to generate code for Amazon services. AWS is making CodeWhisperer absolutely free for just about anyone to use.

What Amazon Has To Say About Their New AI Coding Companion

“We know generative AI is going to change the game for developers, and we want it to be useful to as many as possible,” AWS revealed. “Anyone can sign up for CodeWhisperer with just an email account and become more productive within minutes. You don’t even have to have an AWS account.”



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