Adobe Provides a Sneak Peek of New AI Editing Tools

Adobe, a maker of photo-editing software, revealed a range of new AI-powered tools and features at its annual Max event last week. These include a dress that can turn into a wearable screen and more efficient methods for removing elements from photos.

Adobe Provides a Sneak Peek of New AI Editing Tools
Adobe Provides a Sneak Peek of New AI Editing Tools

In the Adobe MAX Sneaks showcase, the company presented a range of prototype tools that utilize both generative AI and 3D image technology. These tools encompass various areas like photo, audio, video, 3D, fashion, and design. Their purpose is to offer the public a glimpse into early-stage concepts that could potentially evolve into integral features of Adobe products in the future.

Adobe Provides a Sneak Peek of New AI Editing Tools

One of the event’s standout features was Adobe’s Project Primrose, an interactive dress that changes colors and patterns while it’s being worn.

Other showcased items include a tool called Project Stardust, which can automatically identify objects in an image and enable users to perform various actions. For instance, it can identify a suitcase in a photo, allowing users to move or delete it, or predict and suggest tasks, like removing people from the background of an image.

Cutting-Edge Innovations at the Showcase – Project Dub Dub Dub and Text to Image AI Tool Firefly for Videos

They also showcased Project Dub Dub Dub, a technology that automatically dubs audio over a video in all supported languages while retaining the speaker’s voice. Additionally, a new tool provided Adobe users with a preview of how applying the text-to-image generative AI tool Firefly to videos would appear.

Adobe initially incorporated Firefly into a Photoshop beta app in May with the aim of significantly speeding up the photo editing process for users. It enables users to add or remove elements from images using text prompts alone. Additionally, the tool can automatically match the lighting and style of the existing images, as stated by the company.

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