Adenia Partners Gains Full Control of The Courier Guy

For an undisclosed amount, private equity firm Adenia Partners, which specializes in developing African companies, gains full control of last-mile logistics company The Courier Guy, which is well-liked by e-commerce retailers.

Adenia Partners Gains Full Control of The Courier Guy

Adenia Partners Gains Full Control of The Courier Guy

According to Adenia Partners in a statement, “Through the acquisition, Adenia will look to capitalize on the significant growth opportunities within South Africa’s last-mile delivery sector, driven by the exponential growth of e-commerce and the introduction of global marketplace giants to the country.”

Adenia predicts that South Africa’s e-commerce business will develop at a 15% yearly rate until it reaches US$16.3 billion in 2030. To complete the transaction, the investment firm has teamed up with South Suez, Proparco, a French development finance organization, and DEG, a German development finance organization.

With over 1,200 “pudo” smart lockers, kiosks, and a vast network of delivery partners throughout South Africa, The Courier Guy is expected to develop as a result of the investing team’s involvement. Though there doesn’t seem to be a direct connection between’s acquisition of The Courier Guy and the upcoming opening of its retail store in South Africa, Amazon’s plans are likely to influence the local logistics industry.

E-commerce Webinar Organized by the Insaka eCommerce

Speaking last week at an e-commerce webinar organized by the Insaka eCommerce academy, business leaders from, Bob Shop, and Order Kasi pointed out that Amazon’s interest in the region indicates there is still room for expansion.

Because of Amazon’s investment, mature logistics companies like The Courier Guy will profit as e-commerce expands.

Craig Pitchers, CEO of The Courier Guy, in a statement, explained that “Partnering with Adenia and its co-investors opens up unprecedented opportunities for us to enhance our service offerings, boost operational efficiencies, and accelerate our growth as we look to set new standards within the logistics sector. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for The Courier Guy as this collaboration unfolds.”



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