How to Add DNS Record in Cloudflare

If your DNS records are incorrect or incomplete, it can prevent the Cloudflare DNS server from being able to locate your website.  Well, in this article we will consider some steps on how to add DNS records in Cloudflare if you are new to the tool.

How to Add DNS Record in Cloudflare
How to Add DNS Record in Cloudflare

How to add DNS record in Cloudflare

Regardless of location, Cloudflare makes everything related to your business faster and safer, including APIs, websites, and networks. Cloudflare automatically searches for common records and adds them to the DNS zone when you add a new site to its service. The records are accessible from the relevant zone’s DNS > Records page. You can add a DNS record in Cloudflare should not take more than a minute.

To add a DNS record in Cloudflare:

  • First, go to your browser and visit
  • Then log in to your Cloudflare dashboard account and domain.
  • Now, go to DNS > Records to access the DNS management section.
  • Then tap “Add record.”
  • Next, click “Type” and select the type of DNS you want to add.
  • Fill in the appropriate information in the required field. Make sure you are working on the appropriate record because each record type has a different set of fields.
  • Then finally click “Save” to confirm your changes.

NOTE: Record type selection is important because each type has a different set of fields, and any unwanted changes could cause issues for users trying to visit your domains.

The following fields are crucial in particular:

Proxy status: Make sure to indicate if you want Cloudflare to act as a proxy for hostname traffic.

TTL (Time to Live): You can also specify the duration of a record’s validity in this field. Users must wait longer for record updates the longer the TTL is.

How to Add DNS Record in Cloudflare on iPhone

It should come as no surprise that an iPhone can actually be used to maintain DNS records. Since Apple has had a long-standing and effective business relationship with Cloudflare.

Here are the steps to add DNS records in Cloudflare using an iPhone:

  • Visit the Cloudflare dashboard using your preferred browser.
  • Enter your email address and password to log in to your account or log in using your Apple ID by clicking the “Sign in with Apple” button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap on “DNS” to access the DNS management section.
  • Click “Add record.”
  • Click on “Type.”
  • From the dropdown menu, choose the type of record you wish to add.
  • Fill in the appropriate information in the fields provided.
  • Finally, to confirm your changes just click the “Save” button.

And you are done! This is how to successfully add DNS records on your iPhone.

NOTE: When logging into your dashboard account with your Apple ID, you must use the same email address for both your Apple and Cloudflare accounts for this to function.

How to Delete DNS Record in Cloudflare

It is quite easy to delete DNS records in Cloudflare. Follow the steps provided below if you want to delete DNS records:

  • Open the Cloudflare dashboard and log into your dashboard account.
  • After that, simply navigate to “DNS” and then “Records.”
  • Click “Edit” on a specific record.
  • Tap on “Delete.”
  • To confirm, tap “Delete” one more.

And that is all! By manually adding DNS records, you can improve your website’s usability and safeguard your online visitors against virus invasions.

Final Words

DNS records are an important factor in setting up your website. This help to disclose your website’s hosting location to the public. You may increase both the performance and security of your website by adding them to your Cloudflare account.

Cloudflare will automatically start routing traffic to your website through its extensive network of data centers as soon as fresh DNS records have been added.


What does it mean to add a DNS record?

A DNS record is a database entry that links an IP address to a URL. DNS servers hold DNS records, which are used to assist users in connecting their websites to the outside world. The URL is passed to the DNS servers and then directed to the particular Web server when it is typed into the browser and searched.

Which DNS record is automatically added?

Only for the primary virtual machine, can a DNS record be added automatically. The DNS records for additional network interfaces can be manually created if your virtual machines have more than one NIC.

How do I set up Cloudflare on my website?

Follow the steps below to set up your Cloudflare:

  • First, create a Cloudflare account, then verify your email.
  • Then add your WordPress domain name to Cloudflare.
  • Verify Cloudflare’s DNS records for your domain.
  • Attach the nameservers of Cloudflare to your domain name.
  • Set up “HTTPS” for your website to secure it.
  • Finally, install the Cloudflare plugin for the domain name.

Where do I Find my DNS records?

First, find your name server to learn where your DNS records are maintained is to look for your domain’s name server. Then go to the website that is specified in the name server to find your DNS records.



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