How Does KwikCash Loans Work

As Nigerians, we need access to quick small loans to cater to our important needs but often don’t know where to find the ones that are affordable. This is where KwikCash comes in. KwikCash can help you in providing emergency loans, school fees loans, business loans, and more, that are easy to access completely through your mobile phone.

How Does KwikCash Loans Work?

KwikCash loans work by allowing users to download the app or visit their website, complete a quick application, upload required documents, await approval, and then receive funds directly into their bank account. all through a mobile phone process without paperwork.

In this article, I will explain what KwikCash loans is, who they are for, how the loan process works, requirements to qualify, and responsible borrowing practices that will guide you when borrowing a loan.

About KwikCash

KwikCash is a Nigerian loan company that provides loans ranging from 5,000 naira up to 60,000 naira to Nigerians across the country.

The whole borrowing process can be completed on your mobile phone without any paperwork or collateral required. KwikCash offers flexible loan amounts and repayment periods.

Their loans have helped in providing affordable financing to salary earners, entrepreneurs, farmers, traders, students, and all Nigerians with a steady income.

Is KwikCash Loans For You?

Yes, it is. KwikCash loans are designed for a wide range of employed and self-employed Nigerians including:

  • Entrepreneurs who have new business ideas but don’t have sufficient capital to start.
  • Traders and retailers in search of capital to buy inventories or goods.
  • Business owners who need money to invest and grow their company or businesses.
  • Farmers require financial assistance for things like equipment, seeds, labor, and more.
  • Salary workers in need of emergency funds or cash before payday.
  • Students in need of tuition loans to pay school fees
  • Families require extra money for events like weddings.

From the above list, anyone with an income but insufficient funds for an urgent need can get a loan from KwikCash. As long as you have a regular income stream, you can likely qualify for a KwikCash loan.

How Does KwikCash Loans Work?

KwikCash loans have an easy 4-step mobile phone loan process:

Download The App: Get the KwikCash app on the Google Play Store. Alternatively, you can visit their website on

Apply For Your Loan: Fill out the KwikCash loan application directly through your phone browser or app. This whole process takes just 5-10 minutes.

Upload Your Documents: You will need to upload a clear photo of a valid ID such as a national ID, driver’s license, passport, etc. You will be asked for a selfie photo. This is required in order for KwikCash to properly identify you.

Confirm Details: Once you have uploaded your documents, KwikCash will call your employer, business partners, family, or friends to confirm your details and income.

Approval: KwikCash reviews the application details and calls you as well as the contacts you provided for confirmation

Repayment: You can repay your KwikCash loans over flexible tenors ranging from 1 week to 12 months. Payments can be made more convenient and easy through the app.

Once approved, KwikCash sends the loan within minutes to your connected bank account. This whole process is done on your phone without any paperwork. Also, note that you must be 20 years and above to borrow a loan from KwikCash.

KwikCash Loan Amounts, Terms and Interest Rates

KwikCash offers a flexible loan amount and repayment periods including:

  • Loan amounts range from 5,000 naira to 60,000 naira based on the amount you make and how fast you repay.
  • Their Loan term options is from 1 week to 12 months so you can choose a comfortable repayment duration that best suit you.
  • Interest charged is a 5% to 15% flat rate depending on your specific loan details. Higher loan amounts and longer tenors have higher interest.
  • No hidden fees. KwikCash discloses all interest and terms ahead of time.

Requirements to Get Approved for a KwikCash Loan

Below are the requirements to qualify for a KwikCash loan.

  • A Valid Photo ID: Such as your National ID, driver’s license, voter’s card, or international passport. Any of the above-mentioned cards can be used.
  • Bank account details: You will need an active bank account that has been active for more than 3 months and your BVN to be able to receive the loan disbursement from KwikCash.
  • Steady income: You need to have a steady income, whether from employment, business, trading, or farming. KwikCash loans are only given to borrowers who have a source of income.
  • At least 2 contacts: The contact can either be your employer, business partner, family, or friends. This is required in order for Kwik Cash to call and confirm your identity and income.

I will advise is better to only borrow what you need and can comfortably repay. Use loans for productive purposes like investing in your business, farming or education. Try making repayments on time. This will also help you have good standing for bigger loan amounts in the future when needed. If you ever struggle to repay, contact Kwik Cash immediately for assistance. Do not wait until after default.

Customer Care

KwikCash customer care service is always available for you in case you encounter or find it difficult to use the platform. You can always contact KwikCash customer care service at Please note that the KwikCash app has 24/7 chat support that allows you to chat with their agent in the app.


Kwik Cash enables Nigerians to access fast emergency loans for school fees financing, farming loans, business loans, and more through their easy mobile platform. Kwik Cash loans provide affordable financing to the unbanked and underserved across Nigeria.

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