A Second Android 14 Developer Preview Adds More App Customization

A second Android 14 developer preview adds more app customization. Developers got a look at personalization controls which means more ways to adapt apps to bigger screens and many more.

A Second Android 14 Developer Preview Adds More App Customization

A Second Android 14 Developer Preview Adds More App Customization

On Wednesday, Google released the second Android 14 Developer Preview thus giving app developers in the process a sneak peek at the changes that are coming to the Android software.

The second developer preview as you should know adds new ways for developers to easily adapt apps to large screens on both tablets and foldables, and this is inclusive of adding stylus support. There also is a new way to set regional preferences all through apps, thus allowing users to select to have their temperatures in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit and their weeks to begin on Monday instead of Sunday if they prefer.

Second Android 14 Developer Preview Features

Users now have greater control over the photos that are shared with apps through Photo Picker, which allows them to choose select photos to give the app access to, and this is in addition to sharing access to all images or none of them. There are also more ways for developers to notify users on the platform and also to limit just how active other applications are in the background, alongside tweaks to privacy and security controls.

Google Launched the First Android 14 Developer Preview Back In Early February

Tech company Google launched the very first Android 14 developer preview back in early February, with a couple of incremental changes across the operating system, and this is including smarter font scaling for better accessibility, passkey authentication support, the ability to set different languages on different apps, and tweaks to make sure apps are downloading files on Wi-Fi only instead of making use of mobile data.

The Second Developer Preview Can Only Be Utilized On Google Pixel Phones

The second developer preview however can only be utilized on Google Pixel phones, the Pixel 4a 5G or newer specifically. Later developer preview on the other hand may be en to other android smartphones. Google on its own end will continue to get feedback until closing developer previews in late march with plans on the side to release an Android 14 beta in April.


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