YouTube TV Now on Vizio Smartcast TVs – YouTube TV on YouTube App

The YouTube TV is now among the major video on Vizio Smartcast TVs. Only about a week after Google merged its main YouTube and YouTube TV apps available on Roku, the company has come back with a similar update for the newest Vizio smart TVs. Assuming that you have supported the model, you would be able to gain access to the YouTube TV from inside the regular YouTube app, eliminating the need for you to install and toggle between two different products.

YouTube TV Now on Vizio Smartcast TVs

YouTube TV Now on Vizio Smartcast TVs

As of last month, Google decided to announce that it has merged its YouTube Tv with the main YouTube app that is available on Roku. The change that followed despite the two companies lead to Roku removing the YouTube TV app but leaving YouTube offering.

Google Stated that at the time that it would be bringing this change to other devices is over. This week came with the latest update to this issue, with Google stating that they would be merging YouTube TV with the main YouTube app for Vizio users who own one of the company’s Smartcast 2020 or 2021 devices.

YouTube TV on YouTube App

The YouTube TV has been discovered right in the main YouTube app on the left section of the interface. You would be required to scroll to the bottom of the navigation bar. Users would be required to sign in to their YouTube TV account immediately after they launch the service inside the YouTube app, as stated by Google.

The rollout onto another series of devices makes this merge a lot more than just a workaround to the problem that YouTube has with Roku. It is still not clear which devices might be next in the pipeline to acquired the YouTube TV support inside the main YouTube app, but users get to keep tabs on the platform’s Twitter account for more upcoming updates.


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