Ubisoft E3 2021 Big Reveals – Ubisoft E3 2021 Games Update

Ubisoft E3 2021 Big Reveals. Now, it looks as if Square Enix is no longer announcing its plans for the E3 2021 alone, as Ubisoft revealed what it would be doing for the show. Ubisoft would be hosting a Ubisoft Forward Livestream for E3 2021, and today, the company has detailed that not only when the Livestream would be taking place, but also what games would it be displayed on.

Ubisoft E3 2021 Big Reveals

Ubisoft E3 2021 Big Reveals

Ubisoft’s E3 2021 presentation does not only comprise Ubisoft Forward. There would also include a pre-show right before the actual event that would feature news and updates about honor, Trackmania, Brawlhalla, and Watch Dogs: legion. The pre-show would be taking place at 11 AM PDT/2PM EDT on June 12th.

Then, at 12 PM PDT/3 PM EDT, the main event gets underway. This is when the actual Ubisoft Forward event would kick-off, with Ubisoft promising new details on the next game in the Rainbow six series – previously called the Rainbow Six quarantine right before the COVID-19 pandemic made Ubisoft reconsider that title. We would also receive a new detail about Far Cry 6 and Riders Republic, the latter of which is billed as an MMO “open-world Playground.”


Ubisoft E3 2021 Games Update

To add to those hitting three big games, Ubisoft has also decided to make more updates available on Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and the Rainbow Six Siege. There also would be new details about the Apple TV+ series Mythic Quest and the upcoming Ubisoft film Werewolves within. We are also told that we would be expecting some additional surprises during this show.”

Streaming Ubisoft E3 2021

We would also be getting a new post-show Livestream at 1 PM PDT/4 PM EDT. It now looks as if the post-show would cover the Rainbow six Siege, with details about the new content and community updates. So, June 12th has been said to be a packed day for Ubisoft, and you can watch the entire thing on the Ubisoft Forward website.


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