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Facebook dating has always been free for all its users, ever since the launch of the app, and to date, it remains free. The app is one of the best things that Facebook has offered ever since the past three years. This feature came with a lot of promising things, and it has remained promising ever since. At the moment, tons of people are on the app making use of it which is pretty great.

Facebook Dating Free for Users

What is Facebook Dating

What is Facebook Dating? Well, just as the name implies Facebook dating is a dating app inside Facebook. The app was created solely for the purpose of matchmaking, and ever since it launches, it has made over 2 billion matches which is a success for the platform.

Facebook launched the dating platform in the year 2018, and they have always made the platform more productive each year. Now, you can easily create a dating profile online without having to go through many processes on Facebook because Facebook has made things a lot better on the dating app. Lots of people have given some of the best reviews of the dating platform, and that is one reason why you should check out the dating app.

Facebook Dating Features

When it comes to dating features, Facebook dating has some of the best features, and it has remained one of the best dating apps to use ever since. The features of Facebook dating include the following:

  • Facebook dating allows users to add their Instagram post to the dating profile
  • Users get to use up to 9 different photos for their profile
  • Facebook has promised to include Instagram and Facebook stories soon
  • Your personal information is safe on Facebook dating as you only get to share them on messenger
  • Facebook dating has a secret crush feature that lets you match with Facebook friends
  • Creating a dating profile has never been easier

These are the major features of Facebook dating. There are more interesting features, but these are the best that you would notice on the platform when you start making use of it.


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