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Creating your Facebook avatar is one of the fun processes that you would ever go through on Facebook. The avatar is a pretty interesting part of Facebook as well, and they have been quite productive just within the past year that it has been around. By now, am sure there is no one on Facebook who does not know about the avatar. Well if there are, then this content would give you what you need about Facebook avatar, and how to create your Facebook avatar.

Facebook Create Avatar

What is Facebook Avatar

What is Facebook avatar? This question has been asked probably hundreds of millions of times, and the answer is pretty straightforward. If you have heard about Bitmoji, you can say that it is a Facebook version of bitmoji. At the moment, there are already tons of people making use of it for different reasons, and if you are interested, you also can use it.

Facebook avatar works more like the Emojis on Facebook, let’s just say, it does the work of emoji much better. plus, you get to design the face of that emoji, and even give it an outfit of your choice. Facebook avatar sends far more than just what the regular emoji would give, it delivers something much better and great. With that stated, if you happen to be interested, and you want to create your Facebook avatar, then follow the steps stated below.

How to Create Facebook Avatar

Steps on how to create your Facebook avatar is one of the most fun processes on Facebook just like I stated earlier. If you happen to be interested in making your own avatar, then follow the steps that I would be stating for you below.

You can only create your avatar using the Facebook app, so follow the steps stated below.

  • Log in to your Facebook app
  • Then go to the Facebook menu, where you would find the avatar icon
  • Click on it to enter the app
  • In the avatar maker app, click on get started
  • On the app, all you have to do is make your selection on what part you want to edit
  • Once you are done with the avatar, click done

After that, your avatar would be created and that is it. you can start using your Facebook avatar for whatever you want to use it for.


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