You Can Now Follow Writers on Substack before Subscribing To Them

You can now follow writers on Substack before subscribing to them. What does this mean? Well, it is simple. This new update simply means that you can now follow writers that you are interested in but however, don’t want to subscribe to.

Follow Writers on Substack

Follow Writers on Substack

Substack now allows users to follow writers, thus offering them a way to keep tabs on what a writer is doing without having to subscribe to their newsletter in the process. When you get to follow a writer, “you can stay up to date with what they’re reading, liking, publishing, and subscribing to — through the Notes feed and on their profiles,” Substack in a blog post stated.

Substack as you should have known already is perhaps best known as a newsletter platform where writers can reportedly make money simply from getting people to sign up for paid subscriptions. But the platform on its own end has also been dabbling with more traditional social networking features like its tweet-like Notes, and then a follow button feels very much like Substack stepping even more toes into the social networking space.

Follows Are Free On Substack

The company however stresses that follows, which are free on the platform, are intended to aid writers as they get to build out subscription networks. “Following helps writers grow their audience via the Substack network, which is already home to millions of the world’s most valuable readers,” Substack reveals. “We built this feature to help maximize — and not replace — subscriptions, which will always be the most important type of relationship on Substack.”

But right about now, writers on the Substack platform may just have the added burden of thinking about ways and mediums to convert followers as well as non-followers into subscribers. (Substack is now promising that in the future, it will “make ‘upsells’ to subscriptions easier” through notifying followers about “trending posts and other milestones.”)

What the Founder’s Vision for the Platform

Substack’s co-founders in the previous week, stated that they want to make the platform a really better place for readers, and not just writers alone. The company has already introduced a host of features in a bid to encourage reading things directly on the platform, and this is including mobile apps as well as the ability to bring RSS feeds to your feed in Substack.

How Users Will Benefit From This New Feature

For people that are looking for a new place to read text as well as post some microblogs given the general degradation of X which is formerly known as Twitter, the follow button might just be a very useful feature to see what writers are up to without having to clog up your email inbox with newsletters.



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