Wynk – How to register for the Wynk music app

Are you looking for a one-stop music app to download and listen to the songs you love for free? The Wynk app is the application that you are looking for. Wynk which is currently owned by Airtel has gained a sudden increase in popularity in India since its launch in 2014.


In the space of 4 years after its launch, it became Indians’ most entertaining app on PlayStore. Wynk lets you enjoy a wonderful personalized music experience. Wynk Music has over 3 billion monthly streams and songs from multiple languages.

You can download MP3 music from Wynk for free or play your favorite ones online for free as well. Categorized with new releases, top charts, international top hits, indie music, old songs, podcasts, and so on.

You can as well play and download songs based on your mood. Moreover, having internet radio integrated into its platform, hours of interrupted vibes could be enjoyed.

Benefits of Wynk music

Filled with the latest to greatest songs of Bollywood, Hindi, English, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, IndiPop, Bengali, Tamil, Rajasthani, Telugu, and other languages; what an amazing library. From a chief product officer in Airtel – Adash Nair made mention of Airtel users getting free subscriptions to millions of songs on Wynk music by means of a Thanks Program.

Unlike other music platforms where you only have songs arranged in a list based on genres, artists, international hits, top local songs, and all that which is quite a norm.

Wynk seems so unique as it not only constitutes those categories but also lets you play songs based on your mood. You can download your favorite songs for free and set them as caller ringtones. Moreover, it has Greta sound quality ranging from regular to HD format.

How to register for the Wynk music app

The Wynk Music app has a lot of benefits to offer, it’s an excellent platform that lets play and enjoy the song you love for free and download them as well.

If you are a lover of Hindi music, then you need to be a lover of this app as it is made the number 1 music app in India based on its daily active users having to cross more than 100 million installs.

The register is so easy and simple to do. So, let’s dive quickly into the registration process:

  • Through the PlayStore app o your mobile device, download the Wynk music app
  • After done downloading and installing, tap the app to open
  • Tap the hamburger menu which looks like 3 horizontal line
  • Tap the ‘Settings’ option
  • A new page unfolds, tap on ‘Register Now’
  • Input your number on the space provided
  • Click the ‘continue’ button
  • A pop-up will display asking if your number is correct, you just need to hit the ‘Yes’ button if it’s correct but don’t hit that hard
  • An OTP would be sent to your registered number, enter the pin sent, or rather you could go for the ‘Call me’ option to get your pin via phone call
  • Then add your name and upload your profile picture

Congratulations! You are done with the process. Explore the music app and don’t forget to download your favorite song; of course, I know you won’t. Besides, it doesn’t matter the mobile device you are using be it an iPhone or Android device.

The music platform is not selective, so no need to worry. You have a library of about 2 million songs to vibe with. So, enjoy the experience.


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