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The World Bank Group Africa Region is excited to announce the opening of applications for the prestigious 2024 World Bank Group Africa Fellowship Program. This program is designed for talented individuals who are currently enrolled in a PhD program or have recently completed their PhD studies and are proud nationals of Sub-Saharan Africa.

World Bank Group Africa Fellowship Program

The World Bank Group (WBG) Africa Fellowship Program aims to empower young African scholars by providing them with a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience through a six-month assignment at the World Bank Group offices in Washington D.C or in-country offices.

About World Bank Group Africa Fellowship Program

The African Fellowship Program of the World Bank serves as a vital bridge between academic research and practical application. By connecting young African researchers with the World Bank’s activities, the fellowship facilitates the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and innovative solutions. This synergy helps develop impactful policies and projects that can positively transform the lives of millions across the African continent.

The Africa Fellowship Program is a step towards addressing development challenges by nurturing exceptional talent and fostering leadership in various fields of expertise.

Benefits of the World Bank Group Africa Fellowship Program

  • The World Bank Group Africa Fellowship Program is not just an academic opportunity; it is a life-changing experience that can propel young African scholars towards a fulfilling career and a profound impact on society.
  • Fellows are provided with real-world challenges and collaborations with experienced professionals
  • The program equips fellows with valuable skills and knowledge that transcend the boundaries of academia.
  • Through this fellowship, Africa’s brightest minds will have the chance to contribute to meaningful projects and policies that address critical development issues, from poverty reduction to climate change mitigation.
  • Additionally, exposure to the World Bank’s vast network and resources opens doors to a world of opportunities, paving the way for a brighter and more prosperous future for the continent.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for the World Bank Group Africa Fellowship Program 2024, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Candidates must be recent Ph.D. graduates, having completed their doctoral studies within the past three years, or they should be currently enrolled in the final year of their PhD program. This criterion ensures that the program benefits individuals who have recently acquired cutting-edge knowledge and research expertise.
  • As English is the primary language of communication at the World Bank, applicants must possess an excellent command of English, both written and verbal. This requirement guarantees effective collaboration and seamless knowledge sharing among fellows and World Bank professionals.
  • Applicants must demonstrate strong quantitative and analytical skills. These skills are essential for conducting rigorous research, analyzing complex data, and developing evidence-based policy recommendations to tackle Africa’s development challenges effectively.
  • Candidates must be under the age of 32 at the closing of the application period. This criterion aims to identify young, dynamic scholars who have the potential to make significant contributions to their fields and drive positive change in their communities.
  • Applicants must exhibit strong academic and leadership potential, as evident in their academic credentials and accomplishments. The fellowship program seeks individuals who not only excel in their research but also show promise in becoming future leaders and change-makers in their respective disciplines.

How to Apply for World Bank Group Africa Fellowship Program 2024?

The application process for the World Bank Group Africa Fellowship Program is simple and can be completed in a few minutes. To apply:

  • All Interested applicants are required to visit the official application website at:
  • At the webpage, complete the online application form.
  • Alongside the form, candidates must ensure they attach all the required supporting documents to ensure a comprehensive assessment of their qualifications.

Application Deadline

25 August 2023.

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