WordPress Announces 100 Years Domain

WordPress announces 100 years domain. This simply means that users can now purchase a WordPress domain that will reportedly last them for 100 years. But you however should know that this will be coming at a very high cost upfront though.

WordPress 100 Years Domain

WordPress 100 Years Domain

Just recently, WordPress announced a new 100-year plan for domain registrations as it now looks to take the hassle out of renewals while also offering customers a great and true sense of security.

The century-long domain registration in question exceeds the typical cap tenfold, which as you should know the website builders say is quite good for ensuring digital legacy for businesses as well as families.

The company in an announcement stated that the majority of its customers are day-oners. And given that very overwhelming sense of loyalty, being able to secure an online presence for a whole one hundred years may just actually be more sensible and useful rather than being ridiculous.

WordPress’s Aim with This New Plan

The company in question, which is responsible for hosting what it dubbed “the most trusted CMS on the planet” (that is the WordPress CMS, which as per the site of the WordPress hosting provider, is the backbone of 43% of the whole web), hopes to reportedly attract more than just business customers that are looking to protect the future of their company.

The platform, WordPress.com also wants its 100-year plan and tier to be the one that gets to provide families with the much-needed security to help preserve digital assets, which are particularly media assets such as photos and videos.

Matt Mullenweg, WordPress CMS co-founder, and WordPress.com CEO stated that: “I hope this plan gets people and other companies thinking about building for the long term.”

The Catch to the Plan

There is however a catch, though, which is especially notable for individual customers making use of the platform, and that in question, is the price. That said, for a full century of domain security, WordPress.com as you should know charges $38,000. And that is the equivalent of $380 per year, or for those on the other hand who prefer monthly installments, almost $32 per month. This as you should know is a one-time payment only.

Benefits and Perks of the New Plan

That eyewatering price here does include more than just the domain, though, just so you know, such as multiple as well as regular backups, enhanced ownership controls for passing on the domain, and then associated accounts to colleagues, successors, and even other family members, and lastly, 24/7 support.

WordPress.com also gives customers and users the access to “top-tier managed WordPress hosting.” TechRadar Pro has however asked the company to confirm which of the plans is included as part of the $38,000 package, but the company did not respond to the question immediately.



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