Microsoft’s Unlimited OneDrive Cloud Storage Plan Ended        

Microsoft’s unlimited OneDrive cloud storage plan option ended quietly. The company no longer offers users OneDrive for Business (Plan 2), with new users on the platform now capped default to 1TB.

Microsoft’s Unlimited OneDrive Plan

Microsoft’s Unlimited OneDrive Plan

Microsoft has reportedly killed off its unlimited storage from its OneDrive business plans, with various organizations making use of the service now limited to just 1TB per user on default configurations.

OneDrive for Business (Plan 2) as you should know was very popular with large organizations that are in need of limitless storage capacity to, for instance, help manage a countless as well as growing number of media files, such as videos or artistic assets. One of the best-unlimited storage deals that is out there, it was available for approximately $10 per user, per month, and this is excluding tax.

What This Move Means for New Users

But Microsoft now appears to have eliminated this very option entirely for new customers at some point between 28 July and 14 July, as per, with new users on the platform instead only limited to OneDrive for Business (Plan 1). This option as you should know caps each user to 1TB by default, but this however can rise to 5TB depending on the number of users that are on the plan. Nevertheless, it is however a far cry from the unlimited storage option that potential customers could once go for.

“In response to customer demand, Microsoft has streamlined the purchasing process for customers who use OneDrive for Business standalone plans,” a spokesperson revealed to TechRadar Pro. “Customers currently on these plans will still be able to add seats and renew their license.”

Customers as you should know can now only acquire a OneDrive plan for Business (Plan 1) for $5 per each user, per month, if only they want to make use of OneDrive without the rest of the Microsoft 365 suite. Otherwise, the Microsoft 365 Business Basic package as you should know costs $6 per user per month, with Microsoft 365 Business Standard on the other hand costing $12.50 per user per month. All packages in question, however, limit OneDrive storage to a default of 1TB max.

OneDrive for Business Option (Plan 2)

OneDrive for business (plan 2) as you should know offered customers unlimited storage, but however only if they qualified. Organizations, first of all, on the other hand, needed five or more users with a OneDrive for business (plan 2) subscription, with Microsoft on its end providing an initial limit of 1TB per each user. Admins, though, on the other could reportedly raise this to 5TB per user.

Customers could then make contact with Microsoft support directly in order to request additional storage, up to 25TB per user, should in the event that they need it. Storage beyond that would be provisioned as 25TB SharePoint team sites to individual users.



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