Windows 11 Now Warns Your If Your Password is Typed Out

A new Windows 11 update Now Warns Your If Your Password is Typed Out. Microsoft has finally unveiled a new tool that it says would help you keep windows 11 users even more protected when it comes to handling their passwords.

Windows 11 Now Warns Your If Your Password is Typed Out

As a part of the recently-announced windows 11 22H2 Update, these enhanced Phishing protection features would warn users when they write out their password in some particular applications or websites that are seen to not be secured.

This feature does not exclude Microsoft’s own apps, like Notepad and Microsoft word, as the company wants to make users feel a lot more protected all the time.

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Password Protection Feature

In a blog post that announced the launch, Microsoft stated that the new tool is expected to stop unsuspecting users from writing their passwords out accidentally, and keep them safe from hackers or scammers.

It makes use of the company’s SmartScreen protection platform to spot any of the saved passwords from being entered, showing you a warning that “it’s unsafe to store your password in this app and we recommend that you remove your password from this file”.

How to Toggle on Windows 11 New Password Protection Feature

Users are expected to toggle the feature on, as while 11 22H2 has Phishing protection enabled by default, the password protection options are disabled.

In other to enable it, head to Start > Settings > privacy and Security > windows Security > App and browser control > Reputation-based protection settings.

Scroll down the Phishing protection section, where you would find the options labeled ‘warn me about password reuse’ and then warn me about unsafe password storage’.

Microsoft also adds that IT admins get to customize Alerts via mobile device management (MDM) solutions like Microsoft Intune.

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Microsoft’s New Security Focused Additions

The launch happens to be one of the several new security-focused additions in windows 11 22H2, which was the very first significant update to the platform for some months.

Also, they introduced a smart App control, a new AI-enabled system that stops the users from running malicious applications on windows 11. Making use of an AI model that refreshes daily, the tool would access the level of threat that is being posed by an executable, and if there is a high threat level, the Application would not be given permission to run (the application would not run).

Users of Windows 11 would separately benefit from this new protection designed to shield against the risk posed by vulnerable drivers, which happens to be a common target for malware authors by virtue of the level of privilege offered to the Windows kernel.

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