Windows 11 Gets a Much-Anticipated Gaming Bug Fix 

Windows 11 gets a much-anticipated gaming bug fix. And with that being said, it now means that a vital and important fix for gamers has arrived in the form of preview.

Windows 11 Gets a Much-Anticipated Gaming Bug Fix 

Windows 11 Gets a Much-Anticipated Gaming Bug Fix 

Windows 11 has been purportedly disturbed by a bug in its 22H2 update that affects some of its users, causing stuttering in games and then leading the company (Microsoft) to block the upgrade for those very people. But the good news here however is that a fix has now been implemented by the software company.

The Main Solution to the Glitch Is Contained Within the Code of Patch KB5020044

The main solution to this really annoying glitch is contained within the code of patch KB5020044 which is a new and recently developed cumulative update. But you should however note that this is still a preview update. This, in other words, means that the patch is still very much in testing, but even at that, you can still grab it the normal way which is by checking under windows update.

Microsoft’s Earlier Response to the Bug Issue

You may recall that action was taken against this very bug recently by Microsoft when the company pinned down the apps and games that proved to be problematic and suffered from stuttering and therefore lifted the block on the 22H2 update for many users and leaving only those running an affected game or games unable to upgrade.

Anyone Can Now Upgrade Regardless Of the Type of Games They Have Installed On Their Windows 11 PC

With this complete fix, once it has been applied, anyone can upgrade regardless of the type of games they have installed on their windows 11 PC. Microsoft incidentally did not share the details of the games or the applications that were provoking the slowdown problem, which was also related to GPU debugging features being turned on mistakenly with that debugging work eating resources.


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